July 5, 2022

Single Player is Not Dead: Top 5 PC Games to Enjoy Solo

The gaming industry moved entirely online, making classics in which gamers play against the computer dead. At least that’s what many believe is true, but it’s not, as single-player games still hold value.

There are many options on the gaming market to choose from if you love single-player adventures. You have many pages where you can find cheap PC games featuring the single-player style. We’re sharing five amazing games that are popular right now and might be an interesting choice if you want to spend some time gaming solo.

1. Half-Life: Alyx

The ultra-popular Half-Life came out in 2020 with this technologically advanced game that left everyone speechless. The technology is staggering, and the gameplay is jaw-dropping. The only issue is that this is not for everyone out there and is definitely not for those on a budget.

The game is played with a VR set made for PC, meaning you’ll need to spend top dollars to enjoy this experience fully. Valve obviously wanted to take the future of gaming in a different direction where gamers will enjoy their time completely separate from reality in their VR bubble.

2. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla happens in medieval Viking lands, and you’re controlling a Viking named Eivor who goes through all kinds of stuff trying to survive and conquer. The entire gameplay is filled with fantastic graphics of Norse and old European architecture and beautiful sights of nature.

Diving deep inside the game will give you hours of enjoyment. You’ll learn so much about Viking culture without anyone interrupting you. No need for stress, rush or focus on other players like you will experience in multiplayer games. It’s just you, Eivor, and tons of medieval action.

3. Football Manager 2022

For the sports fans who love the game of Football (Soccer for Americans), there’s the Football Manager 2022 that features teams and players from 2021. It is available in both multiplayer and single-player, so it’s up to you to choose what you prefer.

You can relax and take a bottom league club and take it to the premiership, or start managing a top-notch club with titles already in your offices, only to see if you can keep up the momentum. This might be an interesting idea for sports fans based on real-life events.

4. Resident Evil Village

In the series of Resident Evil games coming from Capcom, the latest one is “Village.” It follows the same storyline, and the player controls Ethan, the hero of this horror survival single-player game. The last sequel is the best in the series of Resident Evil games.

Unlike the predecessor Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, this one has a notably larger map. The gameplay happens in an easter-European village where you need to fight off all kinds of enemies, with each next looking scarier than the previous one.

5. Elden Ring

Fan of G.R.R.Martin and the Game of Thrones series? Elden Ring is directly signed by this genius and features a third-person view of the main hero who battles all kinds of bosses and mini-bosses and most commonly dies. Yes, you’ll die many times until you defeat them, only to encounter new stronger bosses who are tougher to kill.

Still, this single-player action game, released in March 2022, is an excellent upgrade for those who love solving problems on how to defeat their enemies and, at the same time, enjoy the Game of Thrones idea of kill or be killed theme. The game has already sold 13.4 million copies, so you know it’s great.


When you’re thinking about getting a new game, but you don’t like sharing your time with anyone else or waiting to be respawned again after everyone is also dead, you might want to pick a single-player video game of the five we talked about above that suits you best.

The five games above are all available for playing solo. Some are more affordable than others, and not all are playable on the same consoles or PC. Check them out separately and see if you find something that will win your heart. We sure made our picks, and now it’s time for you to do the same.

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