March 27, 2019

Why you Should Start Giving Dofollow Link Juice to Relevant sites (External Links)?

Many bloggers ask me whether it’s a good practise to give dofollow links to other sites or not? They also ask me questions like what should be the ratio between external and internal links in an article.Why you Should Start Giving Dofollow Link Juice to Relevant sites(External Links)?

Well there is no specific ratio between external and internal links in an article. It all depends on the article you write and the number of references we need to put in the article to make it clearly understandable.

This article will clear all your misconceptions about external linking and its role in seo and google rankings.

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Why you should start giving dofollow links?

1. If you give a little love you can get a little love of your own:

You might have seen this video somewhere on Facebook or Youtube. But the same implies for blogging as well. If you are a link whore and doesn’t give links to your fellow bloggers and competitors then chances of they will also never give you a link are very higher. Initially many bloggers hesitate to give links to fellow bloggers and webmasters. Once you start giving links for free then they will also start giving to you and other fellow bloggers.

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2. Search Engines work on basis of links:

Search engines work on the basis of links and its their vital algorithm since a very long time. If everyone stops giving links to others content then you won’t notice relevant results in search.

3. Helps you in playing safe with Google if you are doing Sponsored Posts:

If you are accepting sponsored posts on your blog then obviously you are encouraging link selling which is against Google TOS. So, if you are caught in this process then your site will be penalized. For this reason if you are selling links you must make them look as natural as possible. For this reason you have to give good number of external links rather than just one link for the person who is buying the link. If there is only one link in the article it is obvious that you have sold the link, instead if there are too many external links then it becomes difficult for google to identify a paid link. This is the technique which I have been following since a very long time.

4. Expansion of Relationship Based Link Building:

This is the type of link building which you will notice in top-tier countries like United States, Canada, U.K etc. The bloggers in these countries go with a relationship based link building rather than spending lot of time on building links. Instead they will spend most of their time on content creation and content marketing which plays a vital role in today’s SEO.

5. Giving Proper credits:

We must always give proper credits for the resources we are using. In online world we take many images, videos, music, code etc. Not many expect cash for these kind of stuff. There are not many ways we can appreciate their work. The best way to do the same is by linking to the resource from where we have taken reference from. This will help them drive traffic and rank well in search engines.

The above listed are some solid reasons why you should start giving external links that too dofollow external links to relevant sites. If you are having some kind of doubt just leave a comment below we will get back to you shortly.

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