October 29, 2020

Surprise Your Teacher With These Amazing Tech Gifts

When it comes to gifting teachers, pupils usually come up with photo frames, coffee mugs, and pens, which isn’t bad but quite out-dated. Here are some of the best gifts for teachers, which you can look into this holiday season.

Albert Clock

Your classes are time-bound, and teachers don’t have better control over it with online classes. This compels users to solve simple math problems to understand the time. It acts just like any other digital wall clock but encourages users to do simple math calculations, which keeps the brain active and adds some fun in the mundane life. To save more on this quirky digital watch.

Interactive Smart Whiteboard

Teaching is a tedious and highly engaging task that brings the need for markers. With an interactive smart whiteboard, you can write and draw right over the projected images and point out the variations in different colors. It even allows you to cut and paste the images to make a more enjoyable and hassle-free session. The best thing about this smart whiteboard is that teachers can open files, run video files, and even stream online content on-the-go.

High-speed label printer

Being a teacher means frequently printing educational stuff to share and distribute among the students. A high-speed label printer from Brother is a wireless printer that connects with your laptop in a few seconds and with few clicks and enables you to start printing instantly. As the name suggests, it is an ultra-fast printing device, which means you can print as many as 90 labels within a minute. A teacher will print a label for putting on the file folders, packages, envelopes, and others quite faster than running to the nearby shop or changing the print layout in the system to get the printing done.

Livescribe smartpen

Teachers can’t be imagined without pens and for a tech gift, nothing is better than the Livescribe smartpen. This pen is designed to understand and save any handwriting from any surface. Later on, it digitizes it and saves it on the computer for easy use. This pen also can record and store audio notes, which can come in handy for the teachers. In these technological times, the days of traditional pens are just numbered and the Livescribe smartpen ensures that. You can save an incredible amount of money on this smartpen using the.

Wireless mouse

Since all the teaching is happening online, a good pointer must provide precision when explaining things. A trackpad on laptops is great for what it does, but it can’t prowess the wireless mouse. Wireless mouse can easily sync with any laptop without the need for wired attachment. It can help in making the tricky maneuvers when teaching complex things to the students. So gift your teacher a good wireless mouse and they will never forget about you.

Portable external hard drive

No matter what, a laptop is a personal device. It is filled with personal files, folders packed with photos, and videos that a teacher wouldn’t want to accidentally share with the students. Gift your teacher a portable external hard disk where they can safely keep all the school and tuition related files in a single place and can share those files instantly without any hesitation. Secondly, if their laptops suffer a virus attack that wipes up the whole system, their school stuff will remain safe in the hard drive.

Now go ahead, buy any one of these smart tech gifts for your teacher and surprise them with your love.

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