August 24, 2018

7 Best Online Chat Apps to “Talk to Strangers”

Have you missed the Yahoo Messenger chat rooms? Looking for an online chat app where you can talk to strangers? Check out this list of 7 best online chat apps to “Talk to Strangers”.

7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers

I still remember when I first discovered Yahoo Messenger. I’d hang out in chat rooms and talk to strangers.

Why would you want to talk to strangers?

Because it is fun. I made a lot of friends on Yahoo Messenger. Talking to strangers can be fun if you meet the right people.

Or maybe you can’t sleep and need to pass the time until you can fall asleep.

But where do I find these strangers?

Well, here is where you find them:

Bottled – Message in a Bottle

7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers - Bottled - Message in a Bottle

Imagine you’re stuck on an island all alone. You don’t have anyone to talk to. But you get a bottle with a message in it. How exciting would that be?

The bottled app is based on exactly that concept.

You put a message in a bottle like pirates did when they were lost. Then release the bottle into the sea.

When someone finds it, reads it and keeps your bottle, you can chat with them. People who keep the bottle message become your friend.

You find bottles from random strangers too. If you keep the bottle, they become your friend.

This android app is very colourful and creatively designed. If you love creativity, this is for you.

Bottled is for anyone above 12 years old. It is well regulated and seems safe.

Most of the people on this app are nice and friendly. If you’re looking to make new friends, this online chat app is for you.

Content rating: 12+

Download: Android | iOS


7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers - Whisper

This crazy world is afraid of the truth. We are punished, shunned and scolded for expressing our opinions.

Whisper is here to help. It is all about honesty and anonymity. Say whatever you think, see how people respond.

Since your identity is hidden, you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary consequences.

Here how you use whisper:

You write whatever you want on an image, either uploaded by or selected from the list of images whisper app suggests based on the words in your text, and post it for the world to see.

Whisperers call these posts “whispers” or “whisper confessions”. Whispers can be filtered and categorised by topic and location.

This online chat app is more like a community or a social media app.

On Whisper:

You can make confessions about your deepest and darkest desires. You can ask people questions, and users may answer if they find them interesting. Make jokes that regular people may find offensive. The sky is the limit.

You can also use GIFs instead of images if you want.

Content rating: 12+ (Also has NSFW filters)

Download: Android | iOS

Live Chat – Meet new people via free video chat

7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers - Live Chat - Meet new people via free video chat

Live chat is a random video chat android application. You swipe to find new people online.

If you want, you can become friends with them and chat later. You can send gifts.

However, most of the users don’t stay to chat, they add people and leave. There are just way too many bugs in this app.

The concept of this app is good.

You can find random strangers with a swipe for a video chat. You can select the country and gender, but this feature is limited. You can also chat with them once you become friends with them.

You need to pay more if you want to find people of a certain gender or location.

I don’t recommend this app.

Content rating: 16+
Download: Android


7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers - Chatous

Chatous is a great online chat where you can connect with people based on your interests.

You don’t have to create an account. You can maintain complete secrecy and anonymity.

However, if you log out without an account, you lose all the friends you made. Of course, it is inevitable if you want complete privacy.

You can find people to text and video call based on your interests. Connect over interests rather than connecting with random strangers.

The best part about this app is that you don’t have to give any personal information to use the app.

Content rating: 12+

Download: Android | iOS

MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers - MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

MeetMe is an online chat app where you find new people based on interests and location. What more is that you can also video stream live for the world.

This app does several things. In fact, too many things.

You can talk to local strangers, live stream, find matches and even discuss various topics and make friends. Just way too many things that make the app run real slow.

However, many users on this app seem fake.

Another problem with this app is that you need to provide you information to signup.

Even though you can keep things private from other users, the app still collects your data.

Content rating: 18+

Download: Android | iOS

LivU – Meet new people & Video chat with strangers

7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers - LivU - Meet new people & Video chat with strangers

LivU is a random online video chat app where you find strangers to video chat. You can also send them texts.

Apart from talking to strangers, there are several cool things on this app like video filters and beauty effects.

It app requires you to sign up or log in to use it using either Facebook or phone number. It is both a pro and a con.

It is a con since it collects your data and doesn’t let you be completely anonymous.

It is a pro in the sense that facebook or phone number requirement keeps users genuine and friendly.

LivU is great for passing the time.

Content Rating: 16+

Download: Android | iOS

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BIGO LIVE – Live Stream

7 Best Online Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers - BIGO LIVE - Live Stream

BIGO is a live streaming app than an online chat app. But you can meet new people and join their live streams and talk to them.

You can join group live streams where you can interact with people. Since it is a live streaming video platform, almost all of the users on the app are real.

You are required to either log in through popular social media or give your phone number to join the app. So there is no anonymity or privacy, but you can meet new people and make new friends.

Bigo is the perfect app to pass the time and talk to strangers in online chat rooms.

Content rating: 12+

Download: Android | iOS

I hope this article helped you find the best online chat app to talk to strangers.

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Disclaimer: Talking to strangers can be fun. But you should also be aware of the scammers and impostors. All the apps on this list require its users to be above 18 years old to use these chat apps. I advise you be cautious when talking to strangers.

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