May 24, 2021

The Best Apps For A Solo INDOOR Pint

The UK has made steps to opening hospitality in the last few days, offering Brits the chance to enjoy a pint or a bite to eat inside restaurants, bars, and pubs. It marks a significant step forward in returning to normality. But can we even remember what that is like?

The smartphone has long been “man’s best friend” and as people across the UK take their lunch breaks and have chilled out evenings in the pub once again, for the solo goers among us, our phones will be the perfect company. But what are the best apps to keep us entertained as we return to those quiet afternoons and evenings enjoying a pint?

Social Media

It’s the go-to for any downtime and that includes alone in a bar or waiting for someone to turn up too. Browsing social media is essentially being with friends without physically being with friends and it’s a great time to catch up on what people are up to as well as seeing what’s happening in the wider world.

Twitter is perhaps the best site or app to use when scrolling through social channels, as you’re also not limited to just friends and can see what’s trending in the news and news breaking in real-time.

Football Manager

For those looking to completely immerse themselves in something, then any football fan should look at downloading Football Manager. It’s your chance to be the next Pep or Jose and run a football club how you believe it should be run.

The mobile version of the game is incredibly in-depth, putting you in charge of managing all games, contracts, transfers, and more, allowing you to set tactics and add a true philosophy to your work.


Offering up plenty of excitement is bingo, and it’s a great game for playing on the go or when you have a spare 5 minutes. It’s hassle-free gaming that requires no real skill, just a few moments with the opportunity to also win big.

Playing bingo for mobile for an example, is ideal for half-time during a football match, or even just having a spare 10 minutes waiting for your starter to arrive. It’s quick and simple and the perfect solution to passing a bit of time and keeping you occupied.


Nothing beats an evening of a pub quiz, but why not bring the quiz to you, anytime, anywhere? Flex your brain muscles and go up against the computer in a quiz of your choice via Sporcle. The vast majority of Sporcle quizzes are timed, so you know exactly how long you’ll be playing one for too.

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