October 23, 2019

Website Conversion Killers: And How To Fix Them

Building a website is a lot of hard work. Most articles on the web will tell you that an attractive and informative website will do wonders for your business, and they won’t be wrong. However, the reality is, a beautiful, informative, and SEO optimized website will only attract visitors.

Converting them into paying customers is a whole other ball game.

The web is flooded with articles about how you can improve the conversion rate on your website. This article, however, is focused on identifying and fixing website issues that are killing your conversions.

After all, only when you are using the full conversion potential of your website, can you consider boosting this potential.

Without wasting any more time, let’s look at some of the most common website conversion killers and how you can fix them:

Annoying Website Pop Up Banners

Think about this, you search for something on Google, find a relevant result, click through on it, and even before the website can load, you are greeted with a discount offer. Now you’re trying to close the pop-up but you haven’t found the close button after trying for 10 seconds. When you decide to close the website and move your cursor off the window, another pop up appears.

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See what’s wrong here? It is experiences like these that lead many digital marketing experts to advise webmasters to not make use of pop-ups on their websites.

However, pop-ups, when used right, are extremely useful conversion tools. For some industries, like eLearning, the impact of pop-ups in conversions might be even greater compared to other niches. With simple tweaks like scroll-triggered pop-ups and the right messaging, you can easily optimize pop up banner campaigns to enhance the user experience instead of messing with it.

Confusing Call To Action Copies

Call to action buttons tells the user what action to perform in order to get the benefits of an offer. However, if your CTA copy is confusing, the user will not be able to perform the desired action and you will probably turn away a potentially interested visitor.

To fix this, give your CTA copy the attention it deserves. Not only should it be concise and clear, but it should also inspire action, and should convince the user to take action. For instance, the download button for an ebook can say “send the ebook to my inbox” instead of just download “download”.

Slow Website Speed

A slow-loading website is just plain annoying, regardless of how much valuable information it contains. The numbers support this notion. A mere 100-millisecond delay can potentially cause conversion rates to drop by a whopping 7%.

The Google Page Speed Test is a great tool to see how your website performs in terms of speed. The tool even gives suggestions on how you can improve the speed of your website.

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Autoplay Videos

Videos and other visual elements are great for conversions, only when they are used right. If a user opens your website and a promotional video starts playing with sound on full blast, it will screw with their experience on your website. In fact, such an instance has the potential to make users never revisit your website.

To avoid the same, be a little diligent with your use of videos. Remember, the modern internet user loves videos and if they are interested in watching yours, you won’t have to autoplay it.


If you’ve read this far, you may have noticed a pattern. Almost every conversion killer mentioned in this article also diminishes the user’s experience on your website. So, if we were to boil down our advice on boosting conversions on a website, it would be to improve the user’s experience on the website.

How do you delight the users that visit your website? Tell us in the comments section.

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Imran Uddin

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