June 9, 2023

The Future of QR Codes: Evolution and Perspectives

QR codes, a popular information transfer technology, continue to evolve and find new application areas. In this article, we will explore the future of QR codes based on usage statistics in recent years and their active implementation in various industries.

Growing Use of QR Codes

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, and this trend is observed worldwide. WhatsApp, one of the largest messengers, introduced the whatsapp qr code feature, allowing users to quickly add contacts by scanning QR codes. This has led to further proliferation of QR codes and increased interest in them. According to statistics, QR code usage grew by 29% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Industries Actively Utilizing QR Codes

QR codes have found wide application in various industries and fields of activity. Most QR code generators, such as ME-QR, allow the creation of multifunctional codes with tracking statistics. They have become an integral part of our everyday life and have had an impact on the development of the following sectors:

  • Retail: In stores and shopping centers, QR codes are used for payment, discounts, promotions, and accessing detailed product information and customer ratings.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: QR codes have become an essential part of digital menus, allowing customers to easily browse offerings, place orders, and make payments without interacting with waitstaff. QR codes are also used for table reservations and special offers.
  • Tourism and Travel: QR codes in museums, tourist sites, and hotels provide information about attractions, audio guides, and virtual tours. This allows tourists to gain additional knowledge and enhance their travel experience.
  • Marketing and Advertising: QR codes serve as effective tools in advertising campaigns, enabling customers to access additional product or service information, visit company websites, or participate in promotions.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: QR codes are applied for tracking and identifying goods, inventory management, and streamlining the delivery process. They help reduce errors and improve operational efficiency.

Future Trends of QR Codes

With the increasing popularity and application of QR codes, new technological developments and trends are emerging. Here are a few promising directions we can expect:

  • Enhanced Authentication and Security: QR codes can be used for more secure authentication and authorization, such as system login, payment confirmation, or accessing protected data.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: QR codes can become integral to virtual and augmented reality, providing additional real-time visual or informational elements.
  • Integration with Voice and Holographic Technologies: QR codes can be linked with voice assistants and holographic interfaces to provide additional interaction and navigation capabilities.
  • Smart Cities and Mobile Platforms: QR codes can be integrated into mobile platforms and used in smart cities to optimize transportation systems, manage to park, and provide urban information.

QR codes have a bright future in the technology space. With their help, we can expect further efficiency and convenience in various aspects of life, from retail and restaurants to tourism and logistics. Future trends, such as improved security, integration with new technologies, and the development of smart cities, will continue to shape the evolution of QR codes and contribute to their widespread use in the digital world.

About the author 

Elle Gellrich

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