June 9, 2015

Tips and Tricks – Extend Battery life in your Apple Watch

Most of us are interested in Smart Wearables that enhances the appearance and gives a trendy look. Apple is the most successful and popular Brand that manufactures various electronics such as mobiles, laptops, accessories and wearables. Apple’s Smart watches have created hype among the Apple brand fanatics. No doubt, Apple Watch is an extraordinary wearable that has bounteous built-in features and apps. But, one of the most conspicuous weaknesses of the Apple Watch is its battery life. Since the release of Apple Watch, users are blaring to get enhancements for the device’s battery life as it lasts only for about 18 hours on a single charge. Based on the usage, the battery life of the watch depends. Suppose, the usage of the smart watch is vigorous, obviously the battery also diminishes completely.

Tips and Tricks to improve Apple Watch battery life

As you are very much concerned regarding the battery life of Apple watch, then you have landed in the right place. In order to improve the battery life, you need not download any kind of battery performance apps. Here, you can find simple tips and tricks that can extend the battery life of your Apple Watch. Don’t Worry! Just follow these simple guidelines and improve the battery life of your Apple Watch that lasts long without compromising the experience.


1. Adjust Screen Brightness

The brightness of the screen is one of the major causes for the battery life shrink. Similar to a smartphone, having great brightness all the way up on the Apple Watch will certainly drain the battery quicker. Screen brightness has a massive impact over the battery life of the Apple Watch. In order to improve the battery life, adjust the brightness settings on the device. Generally, there will be three brightness levels i.e. high, middle and low.

Adjust Apple Watch Brightness

  • Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Choose Brightness & Text Size from the list of options.
  • Adjust the brightness bar so that it is placed in the halfway point or even lower.
  • Even, adjust the text size and it is recommended to limit the number of pixels that turn on whenever you receive a notification.

2. Remove Unused Glances and Notifications

Glances are the small fragments of information that are displayed on the Apple Watch whenever the users swipe the screen. You can remove such glances that are unused on the Apple watch. Whenever your watch receives notifications, it produces a buzz on your wrist. This notifying functionality may be really cool but eventually this also leads to the battery drain. To overcome this issue, customize all the notifications that are enabled on your watch.

Disable Apple watch glances and notifications

  • Go to My Watch on your device.
  • Choose Glances from the list of options and remove all the unused glances.
  • Meanwhile, go to ‘Notifications’ which is present above the Glances.
  • In the Notifications menu, you can find all your activities and start customizing the enabled notifications.

3. Reduce Haptic Feedback

Haptic Feedback is present in the ‘My watch’ of the device. Taptic Engine is one of the coolest things available in Apple Smart Watch. At the same time it is a hectic functionality that diminishes the battery life of the watch. Haptic Feedback can be used that completely turns off the Taptic Engine.

Reduce Haptic Feedback

  • Go to Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap on the Sounds & Haptics option present in the list.
  • Minimize the Haptic Feedback by adjusting prominent Haptic.

4. Adjust Volume

High Volume also has a great impact on the battery life. In order to increase your battery life, you need to adjust the volume in your Apple Watch. You can even turn off the volume for sound alerts that eventually enhances the battery life.

Adjust volume in Apple watch to increase battery life

  • Go to Settings >> Sounds & Haptics.
  • You can view Ringer and Alert Sounds. Tap on the Volume symbol so as to disable the sound.
  • You can even mute the sounds by tapping on the Mute button.

5. Reduce Motion and Transparency

Apple Watch is designed in such a way that there are a variety of animations sprinkled throughout its interface aiming at improving the visual experience of the software. The Motion of these animations should be in a limited mode similar to an iPhone and iPad. If the motion of animations is unlimited, then this will put more strain on the Graphics processor that in turn decreases the battery life. In order to find a solution for this problem, you need to follow these simple guidelines.

Reduce Motion and Transparency-apple watch

  • Go to Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap on General option wherein you find ‘Accessibility’.
  • Now, you can view ‘Reduce Motion’ wherein you can adjust the motion of the animations.

Meanwhile you can reduce the transparency which is the major part of the entire design language used in the Apple Watch. Similar to Motion of Animations, transparency also drains the battery life of your Apple Watch. This feature can also be disabled by following this simple procedure.

Reduce transparency in Apple Watch

  • Go to Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap on General option wherein you find ‘Accessibility’.
  • Now, you can view ‘Reduce Motion’ wherein you can adjust the Transparency.

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6. Choose a Darker watch face

The screen of Apple Watch is designed based on OLED display technology that conserves power when it shows black rather than any other color. Black watch screen is always recommended as black pixels utilize much less energy compared to other colors. The blacker the screen of the Watch, the more battery can be saved. For instance, if you use a dancing Mickey Mouse watch face, it may look cool. But it is indirectly harming your watch by diminishing the battery life. So, customize the screen of your watch as dark as possible. Stick to simple clock face and try to avoid more colorful and animated clock faces like Micky Mouse and other Motion clock face as shown below.

Choose Darker clock face-Apple Watch

  • Choose a new watch face by giving a hard long press (Also known as Force Touch) on the screen of your watch.
  • Variant faces will be displayed from which you need to select darker watch face.
  • It is always preferable to select a modular watch face.

7. Disable Wrist Detection

Wrist detection is a feature that detects every movement of a person’s wrist who wears that Apple Watch. Whenever the accelerometer detects that the device comes to a sudden stop, then the Wrist Detection feature automatically turns on indicating that the user flicked his wrist so as to look at the Apple Watch.

Disable Wrist Detection-Extends battery life in Apple watch

However, this wrist detection feature is not always used just for the purpose of staring at the device. So, there will be any kind of loss if this wrist detection feature is disabled or turned off. By disabling this feature, you can prevent the Apple Watch’s screen from turning on when not required.

8. Activate Airplane Mode

At the peak time where you need to lessen the power drain for temporary purpose, then you have an option of activating Airplane Mode. If you turn on Airplane Mode, then it disables all the wireless communications and some apps on your Apple watch along with the paired iPhone.

Activate Airplane mode on your Apple Watch

  • Go to Settings>My Watch.
  • Here, you can Airplane Mode from a list of options.
  • Choose Airplane Mode and turn it on.

Settings on apple watch

One more option is available where you can also turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’, which mutes all incoming calls and alerts. This feature also prevents these notifications from displaying on the Apple Watch screen. You can use both that successfully extends the battery life if you are unable to charge your Watch.

9. Disable Calling Feature

If the battery of your watch is draining badly, then disabling calling feature will be a trick that saves precious battery life. Though calling through Apple Watch is a beneficial feature, it cannot be used at peak times where you battery is being drained. Undoubtedly, Calling is an awesome feature and here is the trick to save battery life while using the Phone app on your device. You need to customize your Alerts by following below steps.

Apple watch-disable phone calling feature

  • Go to Apple Watch on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down till you get Phone app and then choose ‘Custom’.
  • During this process, you need to turn off Sound and Haptic that is present in the Alerts section.
  • Now, select to Ringtones and then set the Haptic to ON mode.

10. Enable Power Reserve Mode

When you don’t find any improvement in the battery life of your Apple Watch, the last and final trick that enhances the battery is to enable ‘Power Reserve Mode’. Make sure that you turn on ‘Power Reserve mode’ that turns off everything on the Apple Watch thereby saves for the time. You can activate into this mode on your Apple Watch by simply following below steps:

  • Give a long press on the side button of your Apple Watch until the option appears on the screen.

Power Reserve Mode-Apple Watch

  • You will get three options like “Power Off”, “Power Reserve”,  “Lock Device”.

Extend battery life - Turn on Power Reserve Mode in Apple Watch

  • When the watch is in Power Reserve mode, it just displays only time.
  • You need to tap on the screen in order to view time on the screen.
  • By enabling this mode, it is helpful in conserving the battery in places and instance when the user is aware that he will not be using the Apple Watch.

Follow these simple tips and tricks so as to enhance the battery life in your Apple Watch.

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