March 15, 2024

Tips to Find the Best Gambling Sites Online

Online gambling is an activity that millions of people around the globe enjoy on a daily basis, given the benefit of doing it from anywhere, like the comfort of the home or even on the go, for those apps optimized for mobile phones. Malaysian players are an important part of this group, and there are a lot of interesting options locally to gamble, whether it is poker, roulette, blackjack, sports bets, slots and the rest of the offered games.

However, sometimes the amount of online casinos Malaysia offers is too big and players don’t know what to look for to decide which one is a good option to deposit their money and give it a try. That’s why we came up with this short article, in which we will share some tips on which aspects you should pay attention to when you encounter a new casino that you want to try out.

Tip #1: Look for variety of welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are definitely a great incentive to start playing in an online casino. What’s better than having a little extra money in our accounts only by playing our favorite games? Most of the online platforms offer this kind of bonus, but there might be some slight differences between them.

First, you need to check what the minimum deposit is so you make sure it is an amount that you are willing to deposit.

Second, you will have to understand what wagering conditions it has. Typical values go from 30x to 40x. However, there are some sites that offer less wagering requirements, such as 10x or 15x. Also, check if there are requirements in terms of the allowed games to unlock the bonus. Sometimes, only certain games count, like casino games or sports betting. Make sure that the welcome bonus of your online casino considers the games that you are willing to play.

Lastly, check the validity of your welcome bonus. Sometimes, these bonuses are active for as much as 6 months, but in some other scenarios, this time can be reduced to 30 days or even one week. Read carefully what is the case in your chosen online casino, and make sure that you activate it on a date that will give you the best chance to unlock it completely.

For the players in Malaysia, there are several online casinos that offer interesting welcome bonuses, such as AW8 or OB9, among others.

Tip #2: Do they use FIAT or Crypto payment methods

Another important aspect to look at in an online casino is its payment methods. This is an important thing to investigate, as it will make the difference between having total control of your funds or not.

It is important to mention that, depending on the withdrawal/payment method selected, there are different expected time frames. In general, the faster deposit and withdrawals are those performed in cryptocurrencies, that are usually available in your account instantly. Depending on the traffic and the cryptocurrency, it may take up to a few hours to complete the transaction. However, it is still a very fast way to make your transfers and have your money available quickly.

If you prefer traditional methods, such as bank wire transfer or credit/debit cards, you should take into consideration that there will be significant delays in comparison to the ones previously mentioned. Credit or debit card transactions might take up to 3-4 business days, while bank wire transfers can take up to 7-10 business days.

In between these two methods, we can place some e-wallets which are often offered by online casinos, like Neteller or Skrill, which usually take up to 2 business days.

You can choose whichever option you feel more comfortable with, or whichever option provides you the safest way to do your transactions, however, it is important to have these times in mind so you don’t come across any surprises when withdrawing your winnings.

Tip #3: Is there 24×7 customer Support

This is a very important aspect and one that is not very much regarded by online casino users. However, it is our recommendation to take a look at the different support options that are available. If you have any problem with the platform, especially if that problem is related to withdrawals or deposits, it is great to have a responsive helping hand.

In general, email support is included in every platform. This is a standard type of support, but if you want to have more immediate responses, check for the casinos that offer live chat, and even better if it is available 24/7. That way, you make sure that there will always be someone there for you when you need them.

Some online casinos also have the possibility to provide phone support. This is useful when the problem is more specific or difficult to be explained in a written conversation. When this option is available, you will be able to take all your time to explain your situation to your customer support representative, and they will be able to show more in detail how to solve your problem or reroute your query to the corresponding team/person.

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