October 25, 2019

Top 3 Mistakes People Make with a Drag and Drop Website Builder

If you have a business or store, you absolutely need a website.

Creating a beautiful design that is functional and easy to navigate used to take several weeks. These days, you can create websites that are unique, responsive, and have the various widgets you need to create a lasting impression. That being said, making mistakes can also be par for the course; before you start creating, take a look at this checklist we have put together so you can avoid these top # mistakes when using a drag and drop website builder.

Mistake #1: Design Fails

The multitude of design elements that drag and drop website builders offer is incredible. Builders like Ucraft, for example, offer artistic elements you can add that create unique and memorable branding.

That being said, it is also easy to make some serious design faux pas’. Here are a few DON’TS :

DON’T leave a generic template as is – if your site isn’t unique, neither is your message. Make sure you make it your own with your brand color scheme, imaging, and font

DON’T have too many elements in one spot – much like interior design, a few unique pops are great. However, your readability and user experience will take a dip if you have different sizes, fonts and color schemes on almost every element on your page

DON’T ignore visual hierarchy – the most important info should be held at the top. The first piece of text or element your visitor sees should be informative, clear and impactful with a clear call-to-action

So what should your design look like? Use white space to create a clutter-free and refreshing look to your site. Make sure to stay on-brand with the right pops of color, using drag and drop website builders to add your unique details. Add important features you need like an online store for an eCommerce site or blogging platform.

Mistake #2: Optimizing Images and Video

If you have a site but your images and videos are not optimized, your site will suffer. The #1 offense and cause of the bounce rate is slow loading time. Images and other media that are not optimized can slow your site down, causing you to lose potential buyers.

Each image or media you add gives you a great SEO opportunity. Make sure your file name has appropriate keywords and that each image has an alt text with your keywords as well.

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Mistake #3: Poor Content

Content is and will probably forever be king. Your content expresses who you are and what your unique value proposition is. Things like poor grammar, boring unoriginal text, or content that serves no purpose will push your visitors away. Here are some tips to making sure your content hits the mark each time:

  • Know your audience – research is everything. It will help you determine how and what you write, as well as zero in on content users want to read
  • Easy-to-read – avoid long blocks of text. Most of your visitors are coming to you via a smart device, don’t make them read a book on their phone. Keep it visually unique and easy; Bullet points, headings, and short summaries help your reader get to the point.
  • Long-tail keywords – Know your searchers’ intent by finding long-tail keywords that match your potential customers’ search queries
  • Use an expert – if you offer a service that promotes body positivity and health, choose an expert your audience will find informative and inspiring
  • Give, don’t take – giving your reader something is a sure-fire way to convert them. Steps they can take or to-do lists make your reader feel like they are already part of your tribe

Pro-Tip: Keep your visitors safe with free SSL Encryption

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Take Away

When it comes to creating an amazing site, a drag and drop website builder is an affordable and simple solution. Still, there are still many mistakes people can make when designing a site. Make sure you avoid the design pitfalls we mentioned and keep your site clear, clean, and tailored to your audience. Optimizing your site will reduce loading time, which will be appreciated by your visitors. The right content should entice and keep your readers feeling like they are getting something out of your webpage with each visit. Enjoy exploring all of the different ways you can create and style your site.

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