November 21, 2020

Top 4 Mobile Banking Apps for Small Businesses

Mobile banking apps have come a long way. Only a few years ago, a simple application with basic features was seen as cutting edge and futuristic. Now, all major banks offer sophisticated apps, and customers see it as a necessity rather than a complementary feature. If you run a small business, you may wonder if there are banking apps built with your size and model of business in mind. Well, different banks target different audiences, and some apps are more suited for small businesses than others. Here are a few exceptional choices:

CEO Mobile

CEO Mobile by Wells Fargo is among the earliest platforms to grace the mobile banking market. It has stood the test of time and gone against competition from top digital bank apps that are being introduced every year. The app comes packed with over 40 different features and can be used to perform a range of functions, from managing purchasing cards through to uploading expense report receipts.

HSBC mobile banking app

HSBC is the seventh-largest bank in the world, and its mobile banking app is, without a doubt, one of the very best on the market. Once you install the app and register for mobile banking, you can use it to make payments, easy transfers, pay in cheques, set up and manage standing orders, download bank statements, and more. Perhaps one of the most conspicuous downsides to this app compared to other apps is the lack of a budgeting feature, which small businesses may find helpful in monitoring and managing their finances.

Capital One mobile app

If you are using the Capital One card for your business, then there is no better banking app than the Capital One app to complement it. The app is available for free on the Play Store and App Store and can help with many aspects of managing your finances. You can use it to make payments for purchases, monitor your transactions, check your monthly bank statement, lock your credit card when you lose it, access your CreditWise score, and track your reward miles. The app has also been shown to be highly helpful in the management of more than one Capital One card.

Citizens Bank mobile banking

The Citizens Bank mobile app allows users to perform basic activities such as monitoring your business’s cash flow, checking account balance, transferring funds, sending money with Zelle, locating branches and ATMs, paying bills, and depositing checks, all from a single interface. Citizens Bank has performed plenty of upgrade projects over the years to capture mobile banking trends, with users now being able to use Touch ID to log in and phone cameras to deposit checks via the app’s Mobile Deposit feature.


Separating the good from the bad is no easy task when it comes to mobile banking apps. The above four choices are some of the most reliable apps for small businesses looking to unify and simplify their financial activities. Consider researching each of them separately to identify the one with the best feature assortment for your business.

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