March 16, 2019

How to Transfer (Sell) a Blogger Blog to another Person

Thinking to sell your Blog?? Don’t know how to transfer your blog and give complete access to the buyer?? Then this post is for you. Read below to know how you can sell your blog to others. The price of the site depends upon many factors such as your monthly earnings on the site, traffic graph, source of the traffic, number of backlinks, domain age etc.
So here is a quick guide to sell and transfer the blog to others. Before buying a blog it is suggested to check the traffic source, traffic report etc.

How to Sell your Blog :

Selling of the blog is generally termed as flipping. There are many websites to flip your site such as, Digital point Forum, SEDO etc. or you can also sell it to your friend. Flipping a website is not that easy it should be done creatively to make most from it.You should have sufficient knowledge to deal with flipping.

How to transfer your Blog :

Follow the steps below and you can easily transfer your blog. It is simple and can be done with in minutes.
  • Log in to your blogger account.
  • Click on your blog and go to settings.
  • In settings basic ? Permissions you can see the Blog authors.
  • Below the Blog authors box you can see Add authors link Click on it.
  • Add email-address of the buyer in the box and click invite authors.
  • It shows 1 invitation sent.
  • After the invitee accepts the request he will be automatically added as a author.
  • Make him admin of the blog by clicking on the arrow beside author.
  • Now remove yourself from the blog by clicking on cross mark beside your name.
  • Now the full access is given to the buyer and you are no longer connected to that site.


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