June 12, 2020

Triple Pane Windows vs. Double Pane Windows – Which Is Better?

Today, people of Markham have become extremely specific about what they want in their homes. They keep looking for newer and better windows and doors Markham. The concept of energy-efficient homes seems to be getting more and more common. When we talk about making a house energy-efficient, one of the first things that need replacement is the windows. The regular windows are now being replaced readily by the newer double and triple-pane windows.

Double and triple-pane windows, as you can tell by the name, have two and three layers of glass sheets. The purpose of these layered sheets is to ensure better insulation. The spaces between these sheets are usually filled with gases such as Krypton, which help in enhancing the insulation properties of these windows.

The primary purpose of these windows is to prevent the excess heat from the sun to enter the house during the summers and keeping the heat from the inside to escape during the winters. As a result, these windows help regulate and maintain the interior temperature of the house at a much comfortable level.

People are always asking which of the window types is a better option. Triple-pane windows have always been compared to double-pane windows in terms of utility derived and the cost spent. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not triple-pane windows are worth making an investment. This post focuses on highlighting the pros and cons of using each type to help you make the right decision.

Double-Pane Windows vs. Triple-Pane Windows

Double and triple-pane windows are becoming quite common. They’re specifically more beneficial for homes that are situated in regions where the weathers are quite extreme. To take a closer look at the properties of double-pane and triple-pane windows, let’s compare them and see which one’s a better option.

Cost of Installation & Manufacture

When it comes down to expenses, double-pane windows are less expensive than triple-pane windows. This is due to the fact that they do not require the extra sheet of glass and an added layer of Krypton or Argon gas.

Triple-pane windows are extremely expensive because of all the added benefits they come with. These include the low-E coatings and the use of frames that have higher insulation abilities. All of these features help reduce energy loss and the impact of solar radiation.

The low manufacturing and installation cost of double-pane windows are probably the main reasons why homeowners prefer installing them over triple-pane windows.

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Durability & Structure

In terms of durability and strength, triple-pane windows are not only heavier but require stronger structures for support. They are more durable and can fare weather conditions far better than double-pane windows.

This is not to say that double-pane windows are not durable. They are, but not as much as triple-pane ones. Moreover, they require a less heavy structure to support them as compared to the triple-pane ones.

Double-pane windows are less heavy than triple-pane ones and can be ported easily from one place to another.

Insulation Properties & Energy Efficiency

Double-pane windows are generally good insulators. They help to save 50% of energy, which is lost with regular windows. To cover this energy loss, they would have to turn heating/cooling systems, and thus, their energy costs spike up.

However, despite this entire list of favorable circumstances, double-pane windows cannot match the insulation levels of triple-pane windows. Triple-pane windows are excellent insulators and can save energy in greater percentages than double-pane windows.

Noise Reduction

When it comes down to noise reduction, triple-pane windows are more efficient in this department as well. They can keep the outside noises at bay in a more effective manner than double-pane ones. This quality is associated with the added features like an added pane of glass and an additional layer of insulating gas. For people who live in crowded neighborhoods and wish to enjoy the quiet of their home, triple-pane windows are surely a better option.


Both double-pane and triple-pane windows require the same level of maintenance. None of them requires any extra cleaning or overly harsh chemical usage. Both, the double-pane and triple-pane windows do not require frequent renovations. They both require low-key maintenance. So, if maintenance is your concern, you’re sorted regardless of the window type you opt for.

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Comparing the Two Types – Which Is Better?

Clearly, triple-pane windows are better than double-pane windows in terms of insulation properties and energy efficiency. They are also more durable and efficient in noise reduction. In addition to all of these attributes, maintaining triple-pane windows is as easy as maintaining double-pane windows. They do not require any extra effort on part of homeowners and can be cleaned easily.

However, when it comes down to cost, not all homeowners might be able to afford them. This is why many people prefer installing double-pane windows in their homes over triple-pane ones.

As for the classic debate about which window type has better qualities, surely triple-pane windows do. Triple-pane windows aren’t a cheap investment but they are worth the try.


Triple-pane windows are well-suited for homeowners with established income streams and proper budgets. For a regular person, double-pane windows can still do the job and are a good investment. The only aim of this write-up was to attempt and answer the age-old debate about whether or not triple-pane windows are worth the cost. The people of Markham now have the answer, that is- yes, they totally are.

The only thing is not everyone can afford in investing them and that is not a big deal since all the benefits are present in double-pane windows too, only at a slightly lesser level.

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