April 14, 2020

Upgraded Checklist of Office Essentials You Must Invest In

With the pandemic hitting us with a brute force, some essentials services keep on running while the majority of companies requested their employees to work from home. This brings us to the first case where companies have started giving attention to the office supplies that make their office a safe place during and after the pandemic.

If you also want to upgrade your office essentials, we recommend that you head to OfficeCrave for all the supplies that you need. You should make your office as safe and clean as possible because you spend almost one-third of your day in there, surrounded by many sources of infection.

When not taken care of, this can lead to many health-compromising conditions. Whether you have a small business or a big corporate firm, keeping your workspace organized and clean is vital to reduce the sick leave of employees and increase their productivity. For this, you can invest in some essential office supplies.

In the second case, where you have been asked to convert your home into your temporary office, you will need a basic structure to convert a corner of your home into a work station. For this, you will need to turn to your stationery shop every few minutes for the essential supplies if you have no idea what are the basic office items you must have.

To help you in managing your temporary office, we made a list of office supplies that you will require if you want to be productive. A well-managed corner that has all the office essential you require will prevent you from getting stuck to your bed, and you will feel motivated to work. Here we have compiled a list of office supplies you can order right away so that you don’t have to step out of your haven in this pandemic.

Keep reading further to know more about the office essentials you should invest in irrespective of your office location: –

  1. Sanitizers and disinfectants – In the office, you are bound to touch multiple spaces, and it is unavoidable to come in contact with any infection. For this purpose, you must have sanitizers to clean your hand and a disinfectant to clean the common surface regularly to prevent the growth of any latent micro-organisms. Everyone knows about the importance of sanitizers, and it is high time you have them at your office as well as at your home without any delay.
  2. Individualized desks – A desk is another essential furniture in an office. Since these are long term investments, you must invest in a desk that is durable and does not lose its spark over time. If you are working from home, you can also order a desk for yourself that has plenty of space for your system and has cabinets to store your items. If space is an issue, you can also invest in a foldable table desk for better space management.
  3. Comfortable chairs – Sitting in your bed throughout the day will surely lead to a backache that will hurt you for long. Similarly, a chair that is not comfortable can also lead to spine issues. Since employees will be sitting on a chair for long-duration, we recommend that you test a chair and see if that is comfortable, before you make a final purchase. Make a habit of testing your furniture before you invest in them.
  4. Lampshade – Proper lighting is essential to prevent the digital strain on your eyes that can lead to a headache. The light should be focused on your screen so that you can work comfortably. This way, you can work without any stress of squinting your eyes to focus in dim light. A well-lit room keeps you awake, and you will be more productive. Invest in a good lampshade to make sure that your surroundings are well lit and keep your eyes healthy.
  5. A surge protector – It is the most overlooked essential but holds high importance. It is a must-have for every office that uses a desktop.
  6. A file cabinet – Irrespective of your nature of work, you are bound to have a set of files, books, and documentation that are necessary. You might need to refer them from time to time as well. When they are not organized properly, they may get lost or damaged. You must invest in a proper file cabinet to keep them safe and organized, and you can refer them whenever you need to. You can also invest in a bookshelf to keep your stationery, sticky notes, pen holders, and other stuff manageable, and this will help you keep your desk decluttered and clean. A clean desk gives origin to many creative ideas.
  7. A multipurpose machine – Working from home includes several documents that you would like to be copied, scanned, or faxed. Also, if you have children, a printer is vital for their schooling assignment. You can consider investing in a multipurpose machine that can fix all these issues without having to invest in any other system and get your work done more affordably.
  8. Network routers – There can be several people living in a house working from home. This puts a major load on your Wi-Fi connection. Also, it is not likely that your Wi-Fi network is reachable in every direction. For this, you can consider adding a network router for you. If you have a laptop, we suggest investing in a wireless network router so that the network can reach the designated system, and you can work efficiently.
  9. A paper shredder – It is a must-have in every office. There is always going to be a set of papers that contains sensitive information, and you don’t want anyone to have its access. For this, paper shredder comes to your rescue by providing a shredding option to everything you want to disappear. For other useless papers, consider using a recycling bin.

Hand soaps dispensers, trash bags, dustbins, disposable gloves, disposable cups, and plates are some other items that should not be overlooked as well. You must invest in a lidded dustbin that will prevent the spillage of trash and hence managing the infection.

Similarly, you should invest in latex gloves or cleaning gloves for your staff; otherwise, they might become a carrier of infection. Using disposable cups and plates are another means to prevent the infection that can be spread due to common cutlery.

So, there you go. These are the latest office supply trends that imply how the world is changing. Make a checklist and add every item mentioned above in the cart and order these right away. Get it delivered to your house, and you are all set to work in your makeshift home office. Some manufactures even offer a bulk discount, so what are you waiting for? Own your day!

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