March 11, 2019

Use Facebook from your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Is it possible to use Facebook from excel spreadsheet? yes its possible, here i share the process to use Facebook from excel spreadsheet.

Facebook is the largest social media platform with 1.23 billion users world-wide and the count will increase day by day. Now a days most of the people use Facebook to connect with their friends, sharing photos, videos and many more. Facebook come up with new timeline feature and now they carry out graph search which is most useful to perform searches on Facebook better than before. Straight to the point if you feel bore with the present Facebook interface and want to try a new interface which is not used before, then you’re at right place.

Here i share one beautiful trick to use Facebook from excel spreadsheet without installing any Facebook applications.

How to Use Facebook From Excel Spreadsheet?

If you want to impress your friends with your new Facebook interface then you must try this trick. I’ll sure about that your friends definitely surprised with this change in Facebook interface.

1. First of all you need to open one website and click on the first button ” Gimme dem spreadsheets” and it will redirected to Facebook login page.

facebook from excel

2. Now enter your Facebook username and password in the fields, click on login button.

3. Immediately it asks your permission to use your public profile, friends list and news feed etc. This is the common process for every Facebook application authentication. Click on okay button to use your Facebook profile from excel spreadsheet.

4. That’s it. Now you can use your Facebook profile from excel spreadsheet. Wait one second i will explain all details about this new and classical design.

facebook from excel spread sheet

5. If you feel difficult to use this design then click on “No, wait. I’m Confused?” button to get all details about this design. Once you click on that link it shrinks the excel spreadsheet and show all important controls of this new classic Facebook.

quick view of sheet

It had total 7 Controls, they are

  • Cycle Theme
  • Search
  • Click
  • Load
  • Hover
  • Bonus:Press Space
  • Logout

Cycle Theme:

If you click on Left side top corner then it will change the appearance of excel spreadsheet.It had total 3 themes Mac,Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. You can use any one of the theme by clicking on that.

excel 2007

 excel in mac os

excel 2003


By using search function you can search for your friends who are in your friends list.It shows suggestions while you type in the search box.

search friends


This section is clickable that means you can open those notifications which appears on newsfeed by clicking on them.


This load button will appear on the bottom of excel spreadsheet and it loads more notifications to your news feed.

load more on facebook


As the name suggests hover button will show information who like your post and who comment on that post.If you place mouse cursor on the name of the person it shows some information.

hover button

Bonus  Press Space:

I can’t reveal about this tricky thing , you can check it with your Facebook profile.


There is no need to give information about this thing because everyone know about this.This logout button available at excel spread sheet close button.

logout facebook

Now its time for your turn.Try out Facebook from excel spreadsheet and surprise everyone around you. If you face any problems while using this application do let us know in your comments.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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