October 9, 2019

Utopia P2P Ecosystem! A Fresh Approach To Data Protection!

The wide web opens the door to a real virtual world with vast repositories of a variety of information. But none of the users is immune to the dangers and leakage of personal data. Therefore, a team of enthusiasts decided to develop a new generation level of protection on the Internet – Utopia P2P Ecosystem.

Utopia is a closed decentralized ecosystem that allows users to take any action on the Internet without fear that their data will be copied.

This is a new generation system built-in under the peer-to-peer encryption technology. It means that each user of the ecosystem is both a client and a server on which all information is stored. Therefore, there is no single storage server, which reduces the risks of data leakage to zero.

Key Principles of Utopia P2P Ecosystem

  • Security

Built-in protection against interception of passwords, online correspondence, payment information, etc. This is made possible by the use of a peer-to-peer network. This means that all data is not stored on external servers, web hosts, or other centralized data stores.

In addition, multi-layer encryptionAdvanced Encryption Standard (256-bit) was used, which is considered the most secure in the world. Therefore, each message and action is encrypted in two levels of Elliptic curve encryption, as well as in libsodium library.

  • Anonymity

When registering, the user does not need to enter their personal data, such as name, email address, phone number. All registration takes place in incognito mode. Then, the ecosystem generates a unique key for each user that opens access to his personal storage.

  • Freedom

The ability to use the ecosystem from anywhere in the world removes any geographical restrictions of the current place of access to the network. Also, the ecosystem supports any device formats such as IOS, Windows, Linux, and others. Therefore it is easy to use from any device that has Internet access.

These principles are built an integral part of the ecosystem – tools that can be used to fully carry out any action on the Internet.

Idyll Browser

This browser is a closed system. It has already created all the necessary sites for users. Besides, it is possible to add a new site or create a new one. All users will have access to them. Thus, there is no need to visit websites on the Internet and leave private data on third-party sites.


A tool for anonymous exchange of messages, photos, videos and audio files. It is possible to create private and anonymous chats, and to place them on the uMap.


Alternative email for sharing confidential files and documents. All messages are encrypted, and there is no fear that they will be intercepted by competitors or third parties.


Built-in wallet allows storing, receiving, and making financial transactions within the system. A special cryptocurrency – Crypton was developed as the main currency. Its earning is possible directly in the ecosystem, as for every 15 minute session on the Internet, the user receives cryptons, which can then be used. The Mining bot can speed up this process. This feature is available for each user.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem is the creation based on the latest data encryption technology. Therefore, this product has already been evaluated by BETA-testers who have been invited for the final stage of testing.

Already on October 4, 2019, each of us can appreciate the advantages of this new ecosystem, which has no analogs in the market!

Be Under Reliable Protection – Use Utopia!


About the author 

Imran Uddin

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