July 10, 2020

VideoProc – A Convincing Choice For Editing and Merging Large 4K Videos

In today’s world, business owners use video as a tool for promotion. The marketers use videos for YouTube, advertising their products and services, landing pages, recorded webinars, etc.

According to research conducted by HubSpot, the owners publish around 18 videos each month. The reason recognized is that the present technology world demands the incorporation of videos into a digital marketing strategy.

The Need for Video Editing Tools

The recorded graphics are in a raw form and you need the assistance of video editing tools to refine them and make them presentable. Before you can choose any video editing tool, you must ensure if it is worth the money. Digital video editing is fun and exciting. However, it requires one to be innovative and patient.

You will achieve your desired results after a series of trial and error. Recording videos and editing them using the right tools and effects like transitions and soundtracks, and custom titles can make you win an accolade.

The key is simple – finding the right tool. To make your video editing process fun and rewarding, you need a tool that helps you merge videos easily and quickly. Most of the people give partiality to available online video merging tools because they want to run away from setting it up.

Moreover, online video tools can cut, edit, merge, for free, without having to download them. It is a convenient choice for users to merge/cut/split short videos But, when you have access to a video editor that is easy to install and set up and fulfills all your video editing and merging needs, then why not opt for it?

Limitations of Online Video Editing and Merging Tools

Online video merger tools come up with a limitation of size. If you want to work on 4K large videos, an online tool will not be of much help. The online video editor has limited assistance, it supports general format only. It also takes a lengthier period to run. Moreover, it also consumes time in loading and uploading of videos.

Another disadvantage of online video merger is that it comes up with limited function, inclined with internet speed, and with no guaranteed safety or privacy.

The online tool also edits one recording at a time, which becomes quite frustrating to a user. You also need to fit a plug-in to launch your video editor.

While there are many benefits of free online video merging tools, there are limitations as well, that calls for a need for a more efficient desktop video merger/editor that helps you merge and edit your videos fast! One such tool is VideoProc. It will not be wrong to say that VideoProc is the ultimate solution to your video merging and editing needs.

What Is VideoProc?

VideoProc is a desktop video merger/editor. It is one-stop processing software used to cut/edit/merge videos for people who want an easy, stable, and fast video tool.

It can be used to post-process and reduce large files size of films, regardless of whether it was taped on camera, smartphone, or an action cam. All the amazing features of VideoProc helps it to be outstanding among its competitors!

What Does VideoProc Have to Offer?

VideoProc makes up for the disadvantages that are caused by the online video editor. It has a huge range of features and benefits for its users. Let’s have a look!

1. Video Processing

This is a high-efficiency tool, using Level 3 Hardware Acceleration, which can be used in editing, transcoding, resizing, and adjusting videos. This is the ultimate 4K video editor for processing videos of 4K/HD.

The editing features include cut, merge, split, crop, rotate with an option of de-shake, de-noise, and incorporating effects and subtitles. The transcoding helps in converting formats, codecs, and dimensions.

The resizing helps in reducing or compressing large videos of 4K or more than 4K. The video processing also adjusts A/V sync, playback speed, frame rate, bit rate, etc.

2. Video Editing

The desktop VideoProc is a fast editor, supported by technology of Level 3 Hardware Acceleration. All practical correcting features are available with a variety of popular video formats. The solutions are also user-friendly that you can easily learn in 10 minutes.

3. Converter Software

The desktop VideoProc is a high-speed media software, which can be operated for the extraction of audios from video files. It can also convert from video to video. It can transcode your audio files in lossless or lossy codec formats. Moreover, it can backup DVD (workout or damaged) into video or audio.

4. Built-in Downloader

The fast and easy to use video editor tool comes with a built-in downloader and recorder engine. It can download a video in bulk quantity from any social media, that too in seconds.

It can record videos and helps in creating Vlogs, walkthroughs, and reviews. It comes with three recording modes and assists in voiceover and Chroma key (a digital technology used in the manipulation of images).

Benefits Of VideoProc

The free license video editor software benefits its users with:

  • The video processing time is increased up to 47 times faster.
  • It can enhance video speed without any interruption in video quality.
  • It can optimize file size without causing any trouble.
  • It lowers the usage of CPU, on an average of 40 percent.
  • It can work with all the recent age computers without giving any stress to the user.

Other Features

  • The light-weighted software delivers an easy, fast, and stable connection to a user. It has an unlimited option for file size and offers a variety of input and output formats that includes 4K/8K/AV1/HEVC. The loading and unloading of videos take no time. Besides, it does not even require an Internet connection.
  • The VideoProc is equipped with unlimited editing features with no safety concerns. It has a unique full GPU acceleration for processing and formatting large videos.


Most of the people prefer using an online video tool that only benefits users in terms of convenience and requires no installing. However, free licensed software like VideoProc is the ultimate solution for video editing and merging needs.

It is a fantastic choice for users who want to edit large videos of 4K or 8K. The quality-oriented engine has powerful editing features that range from editing, transcoding, resizing, and adjusting. The software is user-friendly and super-easy to navigate.

This highly-efficient committed to achieving the most efficient video processing operation surely deserves all the praises it has been getting!

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Imran Uddin

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