March 20, 2021

Visions FCU – What It Is And What Is It Used For?

The mission of Visions is to condemn discrimination, racism, hatred, and violence against anyone. The federal credit union has set a foundation to accepted and offer services to all of its members fairly, disregarding their social status, race, and financial position. This practice is expanded to their homes and employees as well.

Visions Federal Credit Union is committed to offer full support and lift up communities. It clearly understands the current need to join hands and work together to support one another co-operatively.

As an employer, they intend to treat their employees equally and with equal respect, putting aside racial, social, and financial, and ethnic differences. The organization strives to support and celebrate its employees’ diversity as they are the pillars of this amazing credit union.

On the official website of Visions Federal Credit Union, you can read:

“All are seen. All are heard. All are welcome.”

The history of Visions FCU is deep and worth hearing. The organization was introduced by eight workers of IBM using only 40 bucks. Yes, you heard it right. Five little dollars per person in the year 1966 became more than $5billion in terms of assets today. Back then, when it had only one branch for IBM Endicott Employees Federal Credit Union, there were eight hundred members.

However, a decade later, the federal union grew, and the number of its members increased to 210,000 members who were served by over fifty branches located in three states.

Credit unions are basically non-profits that are owned by their members. It means that the employees work for members and not for their stockholders. Simply to say that when profits are made by a credit union, members receive it in the form of dividends, smaller fees, and low-interest rates.

However, Visions believe in “People Helping People.” And take this to a whole new level through programs such as Vision Cares.

Visions FCU – Special Programs

Visions FCU returns more than they donate, volunteer, and sponsor for. They have been recognized as the community’s key members because of programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs and services.


Visions FCU supports educators and plays a vital role in caring for and raising the youth. They have developed the Visions Loves Educators program in order to thank educators for their performance. Visions FCU offers them bonus coupons and grants.


Veterans indeed hold a special place in the community, and they must be thanked for their consistent efforts and services. They are one of the real-life heroes and are recognized by Visions FCU, which is why they have built a program for them as a way to give them back.


Visions FCU strives to make its community feel better. They believe in acts of kindness, and therefore, they keep doing kind acts such as their Family Day event so as to show their kindness.

Heart of a Hero Spotlight Program

Every week, Visions discusses all the positive things that happened during the week in the communities they serve through a Heart of a Hero Spotlight Program.


  • Mobile Banking
  • Digital Banking
  • ClickSWITCH
  • Defensive Driving
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Payments
  • Loan Payment Options
  • FinSavvy
  • Foreign Currency
  • Wire Transfers
  • Medallion Signature Guarantee
  • Medicare


  • Checking
  • HSA
  • Share Certificates
  • Lucky Savers
  • Money Market
  • IRA
  • Savings
  • Yout


  • Auto Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Home Improvement
  • Mortgages
  • Debt Protection
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Personal Loans/Lines of Credit
  • RV/Boat Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Share Secured Loans
  • Skip-A-Payment

How To Become A Member Of Visions Federal Credit Union?

Visions Federal Credit Union takes pride in serving:

  • Residents of New York: If you work, live, worship, or are attending school in Cayuga, Broome, Chemung, Cortland, Chenango, Delaware, Otsego, Madison, Rockland, Tioga, Schuyler, Tompkins Counties, Steuben,or the cities of Rochester or Syracuse, you can join.
  • Residents of Pennsylvania: If you worship, live, work, or are attending school in Bradford or Susquehanna County; the city of Reading, portions of South Westmoreland* or North Fayette* Counties; portions of the Cities of Allentown*, Bethlehem*, or Easton*, you can join.
  • Residents of New Jersey: If you live, work, worship, or attend school in Bergen or Passaic Counties; or portions of Essex*, Hudson*, or Union* Counties, you can join.
  • Employees of select businesses in Morris, Warren, and Sussex Counties are eligible to join.

What Should You Know Before Opening An Account?

In order to support the government in fighting issues like money laundering and terrorism, federal law asks all financial institutions to acquire, verify, and record the information that helps to identify every account holder.

What Does This Mean?

When you open an account, you will be required to give them information like name, date of birth, address, etc. This information will help Visions to identify you. In some cases, you can be asked to provide your driver’s license or any other document that can aid in the identification process.

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