November 11, 2020

What Are the Technologies Involved in Gaming?

The technology in gaming is continuously evolving to provide more detailed, immersive, and better experiences for gamers. Similar to playing casino games like roulette, taking part in video games may lighten depression, improve skills for making good decisions, reduce stress, and increase vision.

Because of the competitive nature of different forms, every developer, publisher, and platform are searching for new ways to provide the best games. From 2D arcade games on desktops to monster 3D games on smartphones, the new technology has changed the industry completely. Today, players can enjoy seamless gaming experiences and choose games with immersive graphics. Some of the technologies used in the gaming industry today include:

1. Ultra 4K

With Ultra 4K gaming, you will have a bona fide way to show amazing graphics. Although TVs or laptops with 4K abilities came into the market with high prices, their cost points have decreased, making them eventual standards in the way gamers can play.

With unbeatable crispness and colors, there’s nothing that can come close to gaming devices with 4K capabilities.

2. Apps and Tablets

Since 2016, mobile app gaming has been rapidly growing when compared to other types of gaming. Tablets and mobiles have impacted the structure of most sectors, including gaming.

Around 50% of gaming activities are conducted on tablets and mobile devices. With many people playing in the comfort of their homes, gaming businesses are now making more money to continue entertaining gamers.

3. Virtual Reality

Many gaming headsets need extra equipment and a console or computer to run video games. Today, there is a high-end and all-in-one headset that provides an immersive way for gamers to play video games conveniently.

Headsets, such as the Oculus Quest are relatively compact and amazingly simple, and it comes with almost the same cost as consoles. The gaming gear also has two touch controllers, a headset, and built-in-sensors, which helps translate the movements of players.

4. Cloud

Cloud in gaming is used to run games on remote servers and stream them to players’ devices. This technology can be the next big thing in the gaming industry because it allows gamers to play from almost every device.

With the cloud, you also don’t require good hardware devices. The technology itself is enough to provide everything you require to compute for open-source gaming.

5. 3D Cameras and Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology helps to identify people through a video source or digital frame. In the gaming industry, both facial recognition and 3D scanning help systems develop your likeness in the world of playing video games.

In addition to that, 3D cameras can allow developers to make games, which adapt to the gamer’s emotions by scanning 78 different points on the face. For instance, some grimaces at the game screen indicate that the system will instantly dial down the most difficult video games.

In a Nutshell!

Other than creativity, technology has contributed a lot to the development of the gaming industry. Thanks to some technological advancements, such as virtual reality, 3D cameras, mobile apps, Ultra 4K, and cloud, the face of games has changed drastically.

Now more than ever, you can play video games, not just to have fun, but also to relieve stress off your shoulders.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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