November 1, 2016

Why Cell Phones Are Always Rectangular In Shape?

We all use mobile phones in our daily life. Most of them are smartphones. Apart from mobile gaming, messaging, calling, browsing there are lot many uses handy because of this smartphones. But, did you ever notice the design of the phone? It’s not just about attracting the customers but there are reasons behind that.

Have you ever thought about why the design is in brick shaped mini-tablets and not circular in shape? Of course, there is a reason. It’s not just about science but also maths involved in this concept. Here are the reasons for this.

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Easy to handle

Easy to handle rectangular mobile phone


  • Compared to the circular, triangular etc., it is easier to handle the rectangular shaped device. Imagine you holding a CD in your pocket or by hand. Its difficult right?
  • It will be flexible for the user to hold the rectangular piece of product.

Aspects Ratio


  • You might not be focusing on this aspects ratio, but perhaps you would have definitely gone through this term.
  • Users can experience the screen clarity and pictures quality only by this aspects ratio.
  • The best and standard ratio is 16:9
  • The symmetry of the alphabets and characters are much more classic on this rectangular device.
  • The square pixels easily fills a rectangle without any overlap or gaps. But, other shapes like circle, triangle etc., would have either wasted space where there were no pixels or very oddly shaped pixels on the edges. Chances of characters may go out of space in other shapes is high as the space is not 100%¬†utilised.

Mathematics behind this concept


  • If you are a mathematics student then you might have gone through the word perimeter (a path that surrounds a two-dimensional shape).
  • According to Mathematics, the perimeter of a rectangle is > a circle or a triangle.
  • Rectangle : 2(length+breadth)
  • Circle : 2*pie*radius
  • By this, we can understand that the rectangle acquires much space than a circle does.

Are you using any other phone which is not rectangular?

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