February 15, 2020

Why Do You Need to Install Norton Antivirus for Android

Both computers and mobile devices often contain a large amount of confidential information that requires appropriate protection. Perhaps no person would not know that the solution is a high-quality antivirus. There are many worthy options in the antivirus market, but Symantec Corporation is a leader. One of their products – Norton Antivirus – is an excellent solution for users of the Android system thanks to a number of functions that make the use of information and mobile resources safe. Why is it in such demand? First things first.

Is it Worth It Install Antivirus on the Android Device?

Recently, the Android mobile OS has received effective security improvements, including the built-in Google Play antivirus protection. Therefore, the question arises: do I need to install a third-party antivirus?

The Android system is designed in such a way that you can download applications and APK files from any sources; you can configure root access on the device and install another platform or system on the Android. The more actively you modify the system, the more likely it is to damage your device. Thus, when you download the APK from third-party sites, the Google Play antivirus built into Android can no longer help you. If you are not sure about the source of the application, you should consider installing anti-virus for Android to provide additional protection.

Besides, it remains doubtful that the rules for admitting applications on Google Play remain relatively liberal – and scammers take advantage of this, coming up with ever new ways to get malicious code into it. There have already been cases in the network when, after installation, a completely harmless program pumped a harmful component onto the phone, when something dangerous penetrated advertising, etc.

Why is it insufficient to use the Play Protect feature?

Google has a steady stream of additional improvements. One of them is the Play Protect security system, which uses machine learning technologies to scan the Google Play application store for malicious applications.

Play Protect is a great feature, but it does not guarantee absolute security. It sometimes happens that some malicious applications remain in the store for six months. So, for example, last year, alarms and scanners of QR codes were found on the site that contained the AsiaHitGroup trojan – at that time, several tens of thousands of users managed to download them. This trojan performed a payload to gain full access to the device and control over the user’s data. Another major threat was the new “undeletable” xHelper malware, which infected about 45,000 Android devices.

Previously, researchers at Trend Micro discovered 36 fake antiviruses on Google Play that installed malicious files on devices, triggered false alerts, and displayed ads. These applications also tend to request a large number of access permissions to steal personal data. Therefore, even when choosing an antivirus, you should be careful and give preference to trusted companies so as not to get into an even bigger unpleasant situation.

Norton Mobile Security for Android – What is Included in the Feature Set

Norton Mobile Security for Android offers effective antivirus protection along with phishing protection and a full range of anti-theft features for your device.


  1. Protection against malicious applications.
  2. Protection against unauthorized access to personal data (anti-theft).
  3. Web protection.
  4. Block calls and SMS.
  5. Backup.
  6. Parental control.
  7. Centralized management of protected devices (Norton Management).

Antivirus protection

Includes antivirus monitor and scanner. It allows you to configure scheduled checks. Unlike most other apps, Norton hides the scan feature in the drop-down menu. After checking, the application for some time does not allow you to run another scan. However, this does not affect the level of protection in any way: the application automatically scans at the first start and then checks each installed application. Scanning is very fast; the scan takes up to 10 seconds. Another noteworthy feature is that Norton warns about some suspicious applications even before they are downloaded. The system allows you to integrate Norton software into Google Play, after which there appears a panel with the conclusion of security from Norton. Thus, this antivirus software protects users even from those malicious applications that could get into Google Play.


Together with using Norton, you get the opportunity to detect a lost device, turn on the SIM card and device lock, take a hidden picture using the camera on the device, delete all data on the device. Besides, you can configure Norton to lock your device in case of SIM card replacing automatically.

Web Protection

Phishing is one of the most common threats on the Internet. To prevent fraudulent threats, Norton includes web protection that blocks unknown URLs with malware or phishing and protects users’ data. In tests, it shows high results like Bitdefender.

Blocking Calls and SMS

As a modern anti-virus solution, Norton includes call blocking and SMS messaging features. The process of adding unwanted contacts is very simple and convenient. You need to enter the number or select it from the contacts, after which they will be immediately redirected to voicemail during a call.


Norton software allows you to save the necessary data in the “cloud” and, if necessary, restore it.

Centralized Management of Protected devices

This function allows centralized management of all protected devices through a convenient web interface.


As you can see, Norton Antivirus for Android provides comprehensive protection for a mobile device on the Android platform. The functionality has everything you need for the safe use of Internet resources: protection of malicious applications, phishing sites, or criminals. Even if you use Google Play protection, installing Norton will not be redundant in any way, because this anti-virus solution perfectly copes with tasks and problems that Play Protect cannot afford.

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