November 17, 2023

Why Should You Use A Proxy?

Proxies are routers or systems that provide an entry between the internet and users. Hence, they do not allow cyber attackers to get into a private network. A proxy is also acknowledged as a server and an intermediary as it shifts between an end-user and the web pages he visits online. Computers get connected to the internet utilizing an IP address, and it works similarly to a person’s home address. The job of the IP address is to direct the path where the incoming data should go. Additionally, it provides a return address to the outgoing data that other devices can authenticate.

What is known as an anonymous proxy?

An anonymous proxy allows a user to hide the roots of his network traffic. As a result, he remains unnoticed. Commonly, anonymous proxies are utilized to maintain the anonymity and privacy of users when they browse the internet. People who want to surf the web without disclosing their IP address or other identifiable info use anonymous proxies. These proxies seem to be vital for activists, journalists, or people who do not want to disclose their identities.

Besides proposing anonymity, an anonymous proxy also seems helpful in bypassing geo-restrictions. As this proxy masks the IP address of a client and substitutes it with a distinct geographical location, clients can access content even when it is forbidden in their location. Most often, organizations use these proxies for scraping the web.

Pros of using an anonymous proxy

Anonymous proxies are similar to other technologies as they are found with lots of benefits, and users should be aware of those pros so that they can make informed decisions about their usage. Some notable benefits of an anonymous proxy are:

  • An anonymous proxy bypasses geo-restrictions – People use anonymous proxies for accessing content that seems to be confined in their geographical locations. These proxies substitute the IP address of users with a distinct location. As a result, it seems that they have been browsing the internet from that location only.
  • Anonymity – Anonymous proxies provide anonymity. These proxies mask the IP address of users. This way, their online activities remain untraced.
  • Filters content – A few anonymous proxies are found with content filtering characteristics, too. Hence, they permit a user to block some kinds of content.

Difference between transparent proxy and anonymous proxy

Both transparent proxies and anonymous proxies work as intermediaries between the internet and clients, though they deal with client info differently. Anonymous proxies hide the IP address of clients besides other identifiable info. As a result, the internet activities of clients can’t be traced. Contrarily, transparent proxies don’t hide the IP address of a client. In place of that, it forwards the client’s actual IP address. So, the internet activities of the client can be traced.

The final thoughts

It seems feasible to buy anonymous proxy as it works in the form of a significant tool. Moreover, it provides anonymity, too, by masking the IP addresses of clients. Therefore, their online activities seem tough to trace. Anonymous proxies also help bypass geo-restrictions, so users can access content even when it is not available in their location.

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