November 18, 2020

Why You Should Employ Universal Robots

Many manufacturing processes are labor-intensive, which requires employing people with different skills to do several tasks. But what about employing a single robot to do different tasks with the precision that humans cannot achieve? Many manufacturers are now turning to robotic automation in their plants.

The benefits of automated robots supersede those of traditional robots. The beauty of it all is that these robots come with no extra cost associated with employing humans or using traditional robots. The following are the benefits of using Universal Robots in your industrial plants.


Unlike traditional robots that have extra costs, cobots have no extra expenses. The traditional cobots require manual operation; they are difficult to program and have a long setup. The Universal Robots are already installed; thus, you won’t incur any programming expense. The cobots are a one-time investment that will serve you for a long time. The cobots provide affordable labor because they don’t ask for a monthly salary, neither do they ask for salary increment.

Easy To Programme

Universal Robots are easy to set up and program. The cobots are patented with technology that anyone can operate them. You do not need to have programming experience to operate the robots. The robots have 3D visualization, which allows you to move the robotic arms to the desired points. They also have easy-to-use touch screen tablets; thus, all you need to do is touch the arrow keys.

Takes A Short Time To Setup

Setting up a robotic machine has never been made easy. The time for setting up a revolutionized robot has been reduced from weeks to hours. Universal robots can be set in less than a day. Setting up the cobots has been made easy such that even an untrained operator can set it up. An untrained operator can unpack the robot, mount it, and program it in less than an hour.


Unlike traditional robots, which could only do one thing at a time, Universal Robots can multitask. You can re-deploy your cobot to numerous tasks without changing the production layout. You can easily move the cobot from one task to another instantly, thus saving n valuable time. The flexibility of the Universal Robots allows you to automate even small batch runs, and you can frequently change the lines over. The robots are lightweight, small in size, thus saves on space.


The cobots are safe to use because they are designed to share space with humans. The collaborative nature of the robots makes automation easy for all business sizes. Apart from working safely with humans, most robotic machines operate with no safety guarding. Therefore, they can be deployed to do the dirty, dangerous jobs that can be risky for humans. The German Technical Inspection Association has approved the safety of the Universal Robots.

 They Occur In Different Sizes

Universal robotic machines are designed in different sizes to suit different industrial sizes. If your business is small and you have limited space, you need not worry. There are small robots that weigh about 10kgs for small-sized businesses and big robotic machines for big industrial plants.

Regardless of the size, the robotic machines are programmed to do all the tasks in an industry with precision. You do not need a big space to place your robots. The robots can be placed on top of desks; they can be hanged on the walls or put on the floor. You can also move your robotic machine around with ease to where you require it.

They Are Cost-Effective

The Universal Robotic machines offer game-changing benefits of advances in robotic automation. The robotic machines save on the time of production and thus save on cost. The robots work faster than traditional robots and produce higher yields. They also produce high-quality products that appeal to customers.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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