January 9, 2020

Will Biometric Authentication Kill Passwords?

Technology is evolving and growing, so the ways to secure personal information and devices are also changing. For decades now, the humble password has been the key to getting into everything. But technology is making it obsolete.

In the last ten years, password managers have helped people create and store complex and secure passwords. And you don’t even need to remember them. Knowing your master password is enough to access the rest. This software was a massive leap in security for the average person. But now biometrics are changing the game again.

Biometric authentication is becoming the go-to security feature. Currently, it’s most prevalent with smartphones, tablets, and other devices. What makes biometrics so much better than the traditional password? And are these advantages enough to dethrone the password?

Biometric authentication is definitely here to stay, but will it take over?

Passwords are Vulnerable to Hackers

Cyber attacks prove time and time again that passwords are susceptible to many security issues. A host of high-profile hacks have given cyber criminals access to millions of user accounts and personal information. Some of these happened at major companies that the general public believed to be completely secure.

Regardless of how good you think your password is, if a data breach happens, there isn’t much you can do. While companies are upgrading their defenses, hackers are doing the same with their skills and technology. It is an ongoing battle every day.

Your Password Can Be Guessed

Not everyone has bought into the idea of a password manager or security key. Some people may not even know such software and hardware exist. That means that there are a lot of accounts online protected by a password that people may not have put enough thought into.

When you choose your password and don’t make it completely random, there is always a chance that someone can guess this password. All a person would need is some personal information and enough patience to gain access. There is even software that can do all the hard work for them. Thus, creating your password is obsolete and far too insecure.

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Biometrics Offer Better Security

Meanwhile, biometric authentication gives the user much better security. Your biometric data, whether it be a fingerprint, eye, or voice scan, is 100 percent unique to you. This alone makes it far superior to a password with a finite number of variations.

Fingerprints are based on 30 different specific points, of which no two people could have more than eight in common. Police have used this type of identification for years, and it always links to a unique individual. Of course, it is possible to fake a fingerprint, but it certainly isn’t easy.

Even if you were an identical twin, your biometrics are going to be different. Thus, it is almost impossible to fake authentication. While there are some hackers hard at work trying to infiltrate this newest security technology, so far, it has been more secure than a password.

Tech Giants are on Board

It should say something to the general public when the largest players in the industry are jumping on a security bandwagon. You can now use biometrics on many devices available, and the top dogs are all there. You can use facial or fingerprint recognition to access just about any smartphone. It includes both Apple and Android phone makers.

Microsoft has added similar technology to its newest operating system. It allows users to skip the password altogether. Since hackers found many ways to work around two-factor authentication, a lot of companies use biometrics as an alternative to 2FA. Thus, you can use biometrics instead of receiving a time-sensitive PIN on your phone.

And that’s the tip of the iceberg. Many companies are praising and embracing biometric authentication. Some are putting a lot on the line by changing security technologies; they trust in biometrics and have faith.

Biometrics is the Future

Your personal information is more vulnerable than ever these days, and you need to keep it protected. It makes sense to go with authentication that has proven to be more secure. And biometrics are much harder to crack than the average password.

Of course, passwords aren’t going to disappear any time soon. Biometrics aren’t as widespread as passwords are. But they may be in the future. So start embracing biometric authentication, it isn’t going anywhere. And it is here to help you feel safe and secure in the digital world.

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Imran Uddin

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