May 28, 2014

How we Drove Over 700K Pageviews to 3 Days Old Niche Blog – Case Study

It’s not only peak summer but also it’s the season of nightmares for all students, The Results Season. Taking this into consideration, we looked at the other side of this. We were already working on All India Youth’s results category. But, as per Google Keyword Planner, JEE Mains Results had huge search. So, All Tech Media team and I worked on this Niche Blog. We ranked it on top of Google and were able to drive huge traffic of over 700K page views in just 3 days. Here in this article, I’m going to reveal everything we did and which actually worked out for us.

Case Study:

Day 1: Domain and On Page Optimization

It was just 2 days before the JEE Main results would be declared and as I said, we found that it had huge search using the Google Keyword Planner. So we had to tighten our buckles up and start working faster than ever before. The Domain we chose was (Now we have taken down this blog).

On Page Optimization:

  • The Domain was setup in Blogger/Blogspot platform, as it can handle high traffic at a particular time.
  • The Template we choose was obviously highly optimized and responsive ATB Blogger Template.
  • We worked as a team, so work was divided and we started writing posts and editing the template.
  • Loading time was reduced by removing all the unwanted widgets and various unnecessary options.
  • The template editing was done in such a way that we could conserve all the page rank juice flow, with targeted anchor texts.
  • Keyword rich articles were written with low competition keywords.
  • Day 1 ended with complete setup of the blog, articles and on page optimization. We left the blog for the night for Google to crawl the entire blog.

Day 2: Off Page Optimization

  • Once all the On page factors are set, it was time for Off Page Optimization. Since there was very little time, we had to undergo huge link building campaigns.
  • We built backlinks only for the main page because of the time constraints, targeting main keywords like “JEE Main Result 2014” and “JEE Main Result”.
  • By the end of the day, the ranking kept on improving hourby hour and were able to rank in the 4th page of Google.

Day 3: Rankings And Traffic

  • After one day work on link building using different strategies, the ranking boost for the site was great. The ranks kept jumping from 32nd to 24th to 12th and finally to 3rd position in Google search.
  • The traffic was already up and increasing every second. Once the results were declared, we had huge current visitors on the blog, as you can see from the image below.
  • Monetization of the blog was done with Google Adsense, which obviously showed wonderful results.
  • All the work was done and we were just enjoying the traffic and also the Adsense income.

Note: The Blog is currently not available as we deleted it due to some reasons.

Final Words:

We were not entirely dependent on this niche blog alone, but we also ranked articles from our main authority blog, All India Youth which is a long term as well. All India Youth also ranked in the 2nd Position on the event day. So, in Google Search, we occupied both 2nd and 3rd positions which made us drive double traffic to our blogs. The 1st position was obviously occupied by the main official site.

It’s not always about income!

It’s not always about the income, but the way we were able to rank both our blogs for the same targeted keywords; one authority blog and the other event based niche blog. This is a clear example of how different blogs can be ranked using different strategies for the same event.

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Imran Uddin

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