How I Made over $2000 with an Event Based Niche Blog in Less than 7 Days – Case Study

Hello friends, firstly a very happy new year to you all. My new year started with a blast. I am not saying that I partied hard but I created a event based niche blog targeting the new year eve and it just rocked. The best thing is I exactly worked for about 7 days on the blog and it made me over $1500 via Adsense and over $500+ in sales of my Blogging Coaching.

How I Made over $2000 with an Event-Based Niche Blog in Less than 7 Days – Case Study

Those Bloggers or Digital Marketers or SEOs who used to do EVENT BLOGGING have a very big question right in front in 2019. That is – “IS EVENT BLOGGING DEAD?” Well, on a true basis “NO” partially. For years, the trend of event blogging has been the same – make and launch a website, publish a chunk of articles, make a huge number of backlinks and yeah you have $$$$ in your account. In the above process, the thing that has been drastically changed is ‘make a huge number of backlinks’. Now, Google wants to you to make relevant, quality and editorial backlinks as much as you can.

Iย worked on a Event Based Niche Blog and below is the case study of the same.

How it Started?

I occasionally do event based niche blogging to boost Adsense revenue. Most of the time I prefer Education Niche for event based niche blogging but this time I thought of doing something big. My main motto was to drive maximum possible traffic.

It was not about earnings but traffic.

In the month of November I was researching for a good highly searched event to drive best possible traffic. I didn’t use any paid tool for this, instead I just used my calendar and Google Keyword Planner. In search of highly searched event I found New Year has huge number of searches. Then I started searching for the keywords which have huge number of searches and low competition on the eve of New Year. Then I found that Wallpapers has huge searches but fairly low competition.

  • I selected the domain name as as .com was already taken.
Most of the people think that Google penalizes exact match domains but that’s not true. Exact match domains still do well in Google. At least they bold the keywords when our search comes up when someone searches in Google.

On Page Optimization of New Year Wallpapers Blog:

On page optimization is the key factor. Proper on page optimization can help ranking the blog better even without backlinks.

Things done for proper On Page Optimization:

  • Firstly I have chosen Blogger/Blogspot as the platform for the new year blog. The main reason behind this is I am equally good with both Blogger and WordPress. I know how to optimize a Blogger Blog well. And the best thing is it comes with free hosting.
  • I have used my custom theme, the same as AllTechBuzz for my new year blog as well. Its a well customized Responsive Design. As a majority portion of Traffic was coming from both Mobile and Tablets I need to optimize the template well to perform well on Mobile Versions as well.
  • Monetization : I have tried various networks like Amazon, Clickbank, Adsense, Infolinks and few other networks. Affiliate Sales didn’t perform well. So I dropped all the banners of Amazon and Clickbank then replaced them with one banner of my Blogging Coaching.
  • I used Responsive Google Ads to generate high CTR which really worked well.
  • I implemented social sharing buttons which loads on demand, this will avoid the social sharing buttons loading on Mobile Devices which saves the loading time.
  • Then I have selected few low competition, medium competition and also high competition keywords, then wrote articles with rich keywords which have good number of searches.
  • I have done few other on page optimization precautions to keep the design clutter free and fast loading on all devices.

Off Page Optimization – Link Building:

If your On Page Tactics are not proper then no matter how much link building you do, your blog won’t get traffic.
  • By the time I am done with On Page Optimization I had not much time. Its only exactly 6 days away from the big event.
  • So, I decided to rank my homepage well instead of the internal pages.
  • Then I started link building to my homepage itself with rich keywords like “Happy New Year 2014” and “Happy New Year 2014 Wallpapers“.
  • I have built many links to the homepage with different tactics. In a span on 2 days I was able to build over 6000 links. I cannot explain the exact strategy here but you can definitely try my Blogging Coaching to know more about Link Building.
According to Ahrefs it shows the blog has over 6.3k link, you can see from the below screenshot.

As the backlink profile shows I have done link building for keyword rich anchor text.

Here are the Results:

As soon as I started link building my rankings started boosting hour by hour. Thanks to Google for its faster indexing of all my links. I used Moonsy Keyword Position Checker to track the position of keywords in Google.
  • Slowly the rankings got boosted. At a point we were able to reach #1 spot on Google, right before the big day.
  • Then we have done a little link building to maintain the rankings on January 1st,2nd and 3rd. Eventually it happened.
  • And the big day has arrived, we were receiving tons and tons of traffic every minute. ย It started out slowly on 30th December and got on fire by 31st December 2013.
  • On 31st december 2013 the day ended with a whooping traffic of 600k+ pageviews. You can get more details on Traffic stats below.




Revenue Stats:

The site has generated over $1500 in Google Adsense Revenue and over $500 in sales of my Blogging Coaching and around $100 via Infolinks.
Adsense on the two days of ย New Year Eve Only from the New Year Blog.

So, in total the site has made a profit of over $2000 from its whooping traffic.

Things that can be improved:

  • Firstly the CTR was very less. I have tried many ways to optimize ads and at a point we reached a stage to manage over 3% CTR. The CTR has to be improved which I will be taking care in my upcoming niche sites.
  • I should have set the geo target to United States rather than just targeting the global audience. The CPC, CTR and Traffic was high from United States. If I had set geo target then I would have got a little ranking boost in United States which would have added few extra $XXX to Adsense.
  • I should have started Link Building a little faster and to all the page instead of the Homepage. I have built most of my links to homepage. Which in turn ranked well. If I had done link building to all the pages then the results would have been more fruitful.

Final Words:

The income which I earn from AllTechBuzz is much higher than this niche based blog but I get bored with routine stuff, so tried out something different. The thing here is not about the income but the strategy I used to rank a niche blog. This strategy works all the time. Proper Keywords and some good links will do the magic. In upcoming days I will be focusing more on Affiliate Sales via Niche sites rather than just Adsense.
Comment below if you have any doubts. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚


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