June 28, 2016

Advantages of Moving to HTTPS – 1/3rd Results on Google Search Comprises of HTTPS

In March 2016, Google has made an official statement that https, is not a part of their ranking factor. Since, then a lot of people have been moving their blogs/websites to https to get an edge in Search results. Looks like this move has favoured a lot of them.

Currently, about 34% of the Search Results are only HTTPS. Or 1/3rd of the results on Google Search are HTTPS.

Advantages of HTTPS over HTTP:

  1. SEO: As stated above, we already have that SEO benefit of ranking well. 3 out of 10 results comprises of HTTPS. That means the chances of your blog showing up in search results is high if you have moved to https.
  2. Secured Browsing and Credibility : Most of the people trust blogs that runs on https. It gives a feeling of branded content. Additionally, users feel their browsing is very secure and tend to browse or enter any information on the site without any hick-up.
  3. High CTR: That means, you get high Click through rate when compared to the blogs that do not run on SSL. And Click Through Rate plays a huge role in ranking boost.

Of course, Google is a bit inclined towards HTTPS blogs for a good reason. They also, made it clear that to build progressive web apps, your domain must run on https. Looks like, Google is looking forward to launch many products in future that runs only on https. With regards to increased security threats with the growing technology, this is indeed a great initiative by Google, encouraging more Bloggers and Web Masters to move to https.

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About the author 

Imran Uddin

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