December 15, 2020

All about the iPhone 12

The big sensation of the moment is the launch of Apple, the iPhone 12. Several people from all over the world are passionate about the brand, which has a lot of prestige and value in the technology market.

Several companies are analyzing and comparing the best advantages of this new device.

The aesthetic part of the device has not had changes related to previous versions. One of the positive reviews is about the efficiency of the A14 chip in the routine and the quality of the cameras.

Several channels of reporting and technology from around the world analyzed this new technology that came to transform the new standard of cell phones. Know what the whole world is talking about this device.

And for you who already have the device and want to know which are the best cases for the iPhone, check through the link, the most used today.

Check out what the big companies all over the world are saying for this device. If you are an Apple user and haven’t tried the new device yet, review other reviews to make the best choice.


The Brazilian website TecnoMundo also analyzed that one of the weaknesses of the new model is in the battery, that probably the user will have to leave the phone at night every day charging. Of course, this is not a detail that gets in the way of operation, but it can bother some users.

Another point that was also made in other analyzes, and in relation to the update rate, which has only 60Hz. A much larger number was expected due to the potential of the brand and also what its other competitors are offering.

This slow loading process must be done wirelessly via MagSafe. Its voltage is lower than the other versions. With devices that have much longer battery life and faster charging, you can make brand lovers a little discouraged.


One of the features that have not changed from version 11 to 12 of the iPhone, is its rear cameras, both 12 MP, being one an ultra-wide-angle.

A big improvement that can be noticed, is the post-processing due to the A14 chip. For those who love photography, the quality of the photos just got better. Now, it has a sensor with a larger aperture, with that, the photos are of superior quality even in places that make a good photo difficult.

However, there were improvements in post-processing thanks to the A14 chip, in addition to the presence of a sensor with a larger aperture, which resulted in sharper photos even in more challenging environments.

For Wired, the comparison with the two versions has a difference, however, referring to the whole context, it is not very significant.

Those who follow the evolution of TV images, know that OLED technology has been standing out a lot in the market. This panel was a novelty in this new version of the iPhone.

With this technology, images are brighter, contrast, and a deeper black than the LCD screen of the iPhone 11.

According to the site, for those older versions of the iPhone, such as 8, it is a great upgrade option. However, “If you have an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, you should definitely not upgrade to iPhone 12,” said Wired.


Renowned and important Forbes also analyzed the iPhone and its analysis is the biggest progress so far for the brand. The screen size remains the same, 6.1 for the iPhone 11 model.

The flatter model and a more compact body made the device even more sensational.

Just like other big companies have analyzed the new model of Apple. As in other analyzes, our processing of the A14 Bionic chip was the highlight of the brand, however, not having a great advance compared to the A13 model.

The new launch has the 5G guarantee in countries that have a structure for this technology, as is the case of the United States.

Something that is expected to always be improved is the camera, which had changes that made the quality even better. One factor that contributed a lot to this was the quality of the new chip.

Forbes recently published that there is a hardware problem in the device, which can be a negative factor for the image of this model.

Another great advantage is that there are technologies that you can charge your cell phone wirelessly. Something very practical and modern for those who have the most advanced phones. Who understands more about this technology? Check out this amazing article about the list of wireless charging phones.


In summary, for those who have another operating system or an older version from 3 or 4 years ago, you will certainly notice a huge difference with this new device.

A device like this is a great purchase choice, for those who are already using the brand, you will not be disappointed with the new iPhone 12. Your model is even more beautiful and with a very processor.

Its physical part has also improved a lot because in terms of being resistant, it has a shape that is called Ceramic Shield, which makes the screen much stronger thanks to the nanoceramic crystals mixed with the glass

With that, he was more resistant to breaks and cracks, but scratches on the screen did not improve. It really is a “future” phone. If you are passionate about the brand or a loyal consumer, you will certainly not be disappointed with this device.

So practically who can we say that this new iPhone 12, has a more compact and more beautiful designer; much better efficiency than the previous one thanks to the best for the A14 chip; the photo quality is far superior to the previous model, and the 5G support that makes the device much more model and functional today.

Be sure to comment if you already have the new model of the iPhone 12 or if you are thinking of buying it. It is still something that is talked about a lot and for those who are from another operating system, it always generates that insecurity when making an investment in this device. Your comment is very important.

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