January 30, 2018

Apple To Launch Three New Macs Featuring Custom Co-Processors and New iPad For 2018

Apple is said to be working on at least three new updated Mac models that will feature its own custom co-processors and a new iPad as well, to be released for 2018, according to Bloomberg.


In a new report detailing Apple’s ambitions on creating its own chips, the company trying to develop its own modems, processors across devices to finally getting around to challenging Intel and Qualcomm, Bloomberg has also revealed that Apple is working on a new iPad as well as three new Macs – including two MacBooks and one iMac – that will pack a custom co-processor made by Apple alongside the expected Intel silicon.

Apple has so far relied on PowerVR graphics processors made by Britain’s Imagination Technologies, but in April 2017, Apple had announced that it was working on its own graphics processors. It started using its own custom designed GPUs starting with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The recently released iMac Pro was the first iMac from Apple to feature its own custom co-processor.

Now, the Bloomberg report notes that Apple’s upcoming iPad will be powered by a new in-house designed graphics engine and AI chip. So, the Apple iPad for 2018 could be the first with Apple’s own custom designed GPU.

According to Bloomberg report, Apple isn’t the first company to create its own chips in-house. It’s just the most successful. Apple is looking at creating more and more of its own chips on products and could challenge the world of Intel and Qualcomm.

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