March 18, 2022

Culture of Gambling: The Most Luxury and Unusual Slot Machines-Related Projects 

Being played by almost half of US casino visitors, statistics show that slot machines are one of the most popular casinos games among other ones. Precursors of the modern slot machines were created in the 19th century and since then have been significantly developed by slot machine manufacturers, who have constantly been enhancing their features, design, and graphics. Due to all innovations, the gambling industry always knows how to impress gamblers with the inner quality and outer design of casino games.

And slot machines are no exception. It is known that the most expensive and beautiful slot machines are encrusted with gems and precious metals, like rubies, sapphires, silver, gold, and diamonds. Gambling and slot machines as the symbols of this industry have deeply rooted into our culture, and nowadays, people are creating some entertaining gambling-related stuff. Wanna know which ones? Then keep reading!

Sidney Mobell’s Artistry – Lady Luck Slot Machine

Creating gems-coated masterpieces is a hobby and profession of a notable jeweler from San Francisco, artist Sidney Mobell, whose creations are exhibited across all America and who created one of the most expensive slot machines.

Sidney Mobell with Lady Luck slot machine
Image: Sidney Mobell with Lady Luck slot machine

In fact, he created a $21 million dollar Lady Luck slot machine which was covered with 818 jewels, including sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. Lady Luck slot machine is an old-school “one-armed bandit” which was popular to play at the dawn of gambling.

Mr. Mobell says that back in those days, he used to play at slots with his wife in Reno, and among other slot machines Lady Luck slot machine was one they played at too. An old friend of Mr. Mobell, who reconditioned slot machines, managed to find a Lady Luck slot machine from the 1920s, which he later incrusted with all those gems and metals and transformed it into an Art-Deco-style masterpiece.

SlotZilla Zip Line

According to Vegas Experience, SlotZilla Zip Line is “one the best thing to do in Las Vegas.” You can believe it or not, but SlotZilla Zip Line is the biggest slot machine on the planet. Of course, you cannot play on it, but anyone who has a spare $39 can zip on Zip-Zilla (Zipline) or, for $59, can fly on Super Hero Zoom (Zoomline).

Slot Machine at Golden Nugget

Unlike the previous giant slot machine, this slot machine is fully functional at Golden Nugget casino. No, it’s not special with any free spins bonus codes or anything – it’s just huge and attention-grabbing. This machine has got four working reels and is about 8 feet tall.

Image: Huge slot machine at Golden Nugget

Weird-Themed Slot Machines

Usually, slot machines have pretty ordinary themes: sports, fruits, romance, adventure, etc. But slot software developers are real inventors. Below is the list of weird-themed slot machines:

Bondage and taboo-themed slots

Yes, you have read everything right. What are these? Slots for lovers of BDSM and other taboo-related stuff, like handcuffs, whips, leather costumes, etc. Such R-rated slot machines can be really fascinating, especially if they are played at casinos with no deposit bonus codes.

Tyrant-themed slot machines

Such slots are not so widely spread on online casinos, but the fact that they exist is totally amusing. Whenever you like to gamble seeing dictator faces instead of ordinary fruits or gems symbols, just google dictator-themed slot machines.

Politically-themed slot machines

Well, if there are slot machines about tyrants, then there should be about politicians too! For instance, one of such called Trump versus Hillary Slot, which is timed to coincide with the 2016 US presidential election. If you want to refresh your memory of that old-time, feel free to look for this one.

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