February 28, 2017

How To Disable New Whatsapp “Status” Feature On Android [Create And Delete]

We all know that WhatsApp has rolled out its new feature called “Status” to all its Android and iOS users. The new feature arrives as server update, so you don’t need to update the app. It gets updated automatically. After updating, we can see a new ‘Status’ tab between Chats and Calls section. You can find all the status updates of your friends and also a button to post your own. The status which you update will vanish after 24 hours.

New WhatsApp Status Feature

It’s almost identical to Instagram stories, which was in turn as snap chat Stories, Instagram Stories. WhatsApp has been pushing in some seriously interesting updates from the past few months. Most of the features being clones of features from other apps.

Many of the users are happy with the update but there are few who considered it inadequate and are waiting for something special and not by cloning. You may have many questions and one among them was ‘What happened to my old text WhatsApp status?’ For those people who don’t want to use the new feature ‘Status’, you can disable the update and get back to earlier version.

How To Disable WhatsApp Status Feature On Android Phone:

Whatsapp is enhancing its features to take down all others messaging apps gradually. One such step is Video Calling and the new ‘Status’ update. There are two methods to Disable Whatsapp status on Android.  You can try the most suitable method to do it.

Method-1: (Root Explorer)

1. First, Force Stop WhatsApp App.

2. Now Open Root Explorer App.

3. Now go to Data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp.preferences.xml

4. Find the Key Name ” Status_mode”

5. Now you will find the value 1 and you have to change it to 0.

For Example:

How the Key before editing will look like:-

<int name=”Status_mode” value=”1″/>

After changing it will look like below:-

<int name=”Status_mode” value=”0″/>

Now click on Save button to complete the step. Now you can see that the New Whatsapp Status feature has disappeared and get back to earlier version of WhatsApp.

As of now the trick to remove new Whatsapp Status feature is available only for the Rooted users. If you want to Hide new WhatsApp status feature in your android you have to root your device, And we will keep you updating if we find a way to disable WhatsApp status without root.

Method-2: (WA Tweaks App)

You can root your Android device by using WA Tweaks App to turn off the new WhatsApp Status Feature. This tutorial works on the phones with Android OS 4.0 and above versions. Wa tweaks require root permission to enable/disable the feature of WhatsApp and it works with official version only.

1. First, Download the latest WA Tweaks App.

2. When you install this app for the first time, you will see ‘Unknown Source Error‘.

Unknown source error

3. Go to Settings and Enable ‘Unknown Sources’.

unknown sources

4. Now, install WA tweaks app.

5. Now, Force Stop WhatsApp and open your phone Settings > App Settings >WhatsApp app >Force Stop.

Force Stop WhatsApp

6. Now Launch WA Tweaks app and turn off “Enable new home UI”.

Enable new home UI

7. Open Whatsapp and see whether the new update is available or not. That’s all.

Enable home UI

How To Create WhatsApp Status Update?

1. Open the WhatsApp and Tap on Status.

2. Then tap on My Status. Now click the little circle with a ‘+‘ sign on the top right.

3. Now take a photo or video by pressing the shutter option. You can even select one from your Gallery at the bottom of the screen.

4. You can also give a caption by tapping on Add a caption, and then tap on the Send icon.

5. You can also check how many people have seen your new WhatsApp Update by tapping the menu button on the right side. Your Status is now ready.

The New WhatsApp Status will disappear after 24 hours.

How To Delete WhatsApp Status Update?

1. Open the WhatsApp, go to the Status tab.

2. Look for the status you want to delete.

3. Now click the trash icon, and tap Delete to confirm.

4. That’s it! You have deleted your WhatsApp Status.

We hope that you found it useful.

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