October 25, 2016

How to Display Ads Using Matched Content – Google AdSense

As we all know Google has rolled matched content for many publishers now. If you have some decent traffic to your blog, you most probably have matched content approved for your blog/website.

Initially, Google has shown only related articles within your own blog, later they rolled out native ads on matched content. With the increase in demand for Native Ads, Facebook and Google are throwing more light on Native Ads and slowly it will become mainstream.

Everything you Need to know about Matched Content by Google Adsense

How to Display Ads on Matched Content:

By default ads are not enabled on Matched content. There is a small settings that you need to do, in-order to display ads. There have been few questions raised on this topic on forum(thread), so I decided to make an article on this to make things clear.

  • While creating matched content ad unit, within the settings you will find an option to monetize the ad unit with display ads from other sources.
  • You have to enable it. Once you enabled it, Google will start rolling native ads within your widget along with your related content.


  • Currently, we are noticing about 2-3 ads per unit, but I think with time Google will start showing more ads with better CTR.

Performance of Matched Content – Native Ads(Via Google AdSense):

As of now I see this ad unit is not performing much. But, this is helping in increasing the pageviews and acting as an additional revenue. I encourage you to start showing up Matched Content widget on your blog.performance-of-matched-content-ad-unit

If you are wondering how to display matched content on your blog – follow this article. Any questions on the same, do raise a thread on our forum.

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