August 2, 2016

Here’s The Interesting Fact Behind The “No Service, Emergency Calls Only!”

With the increase in technology, use of a mobile phone which was a luxury once upon a time became a necessity. In the present situation of Tech world, there is no wonder if anyone says that mobile phone is an essential part of a human. Though you may be using the mobile phones for many days, most probably there would be many things which were unknown to you. Two annoying feelings that are mostly faced by a mobile phone user are “low battery” and “no network coverage“.

Have You Ever Seen “No network, Emergency calls only” on your mobile screen?

no network

Here’s a Question For You – How Can You Make An Emergency Call When There Is No Network?

but how

Here’s The Answer:

Firstly let us know  about the steps involved in making a phone call. To make a call, the essential component required is a Network tower. Network towers are essential components of a wireless call. As soon as you press the ‘call’  button, your phone releases a signal and the nearest network tower will catch it. In the next step, these signals are transmitted to destination tower and finally to the person to whom you are making a calling. In this way, we are able to talk with another person through a mobile phone. But this is possible only when phone signal strength is good. Coming to the emergency calls. You may be in an assumption that emergency call doesn’t require any phone signal. But it is entirely wrong.


SIM cards work on the Global System For Mobile (GSM) technology.  GSM can use the network coverage of another service provider i.e signals from the nearest tower of another network service provider) in the case of a poor network. So when your network goes out, your phone can still make ‘Emergency calls” by using the network of another service provider. In some countries like the USA, you can make an emergency call even during the improper function of SIM card.


Emergency Numbers – 911 and 112.

911 is an emergency number in North America whereas 112 is the emergency number in the United Kingdom. Upon dialing this number, the telephone will link the caller to emergency dispatch center called  Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP) by the telecom industry—which can send emergency responders to the caller’s location in an emergency. All you need to do is just saying fire, police, ambulance etc.

911 and 112

You cannot make this emergency calls when you are away from the network coverage of all the network service providers. So, it’s useful only when at least one of the network service provider signal is available. Share your views in the comments below.

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