November 21, 2017

Facebook Removes ‘Delete Post’ Option from the Desktop Version

We all know that Facebook tests out new features for a small set of users to see the functionality and the response from the users before rolling out the feature or reverts it back from the app when it does not perform well.


Well, a bunch of Facebook users complained across the social media that they can not find the Delete option for a post. The users took their frustration to Twitter and Reddit and posted threads and tweets including the pictures saying Facebook removed the Delete post option and they can only find the Hide from Timeline option in the menu.


But why would Facebook remove the delete post option in the desktop versions? However, it is still unclear if it is a bug or a new feature that Facebook is testing for a small set of users. You never know because we all remember when Facebook ditched the messaging feature from the app and forced its users to install the Messenger app. Moreover, the social media giant is well known for tweaking the interface and experimenting with new features and functionalities for the app. But there’s no way that the one billion user community would accept such decision.


Apparently, users only reported that this bug or a functionality was only found in the desktop versions but not in the mobile versions. This functionality is still intact on both the Android and iOS mobile versions. However, the delete option can be found in the Desktop versions when you visit the Activity Log which keeps your activity on Facebook such as the posts you have shared, liked, commented and etc. But that wouldn’t be an obvious solution to the users rather than the handy menu at the upper right corner of the post.


There’s no word on the current situation from Facebook. Could this be a temporary bug causing inconvenience to the users? or a tactic to make the users rely on the mobile app heavily?

Are you facing this trouble too? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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