October 27, 2015

Facebook Revamps Notifications Tab for Mobile Apps – Includes New Localized Updates

Facebook, the social media giant is rolling out an update to its notifications tab for the mobile applications with more localized news updates. Till now, the huge social networking site only focused on notifying its users around postings by friends, birthdays and upcoming events. Of all the ways, the Facebook app has changed over the years, but one of the areas which remained untouched is the notifications tab. Now, the company begins to roll out a new look for its notifications tab in its iOS and Android apps. The latest updates on mobile include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates.

Facebook Notifications Tab

Facebook aims at delivering more personalized information for all its mobile app users by expanding its mobile alerts with new localized updates. This latest update of Facebook looks quite similar to Google Now that enables you to customize the notifications with whatever information you want based on your location, such as local news, weather, community news and events, movie times, TV shows, nearby restaurants you might like and many more.

Facebook Improves Notifications Tab for iOS, Android Users

Facebook completely focused on rolling out new updates and making gradual changes in all areas. Recently, it has added new features that include Looping Videos, Featured photos and many more so as to bring the site more visually stimulating and addicting. Earlier, it focused on giving an opportunity for its users to customize their profile in a more enhanced way. Now, it has come up with a new update for mobile users by providing control over their notifications.

Notifications Tab on facebook

Till now, the users of Facebook have been receiving notifications only for few things. From now, users will not only get notifications whenever someone comments or reminding friend’s birthday/events but also get instant updates of whatever information you need based on your location, pages you’ve liked and news about upcoming events you’ve joined. You will be able to see all the trending stories on Facebook that happens around you in multiple categories.

Facebook’s Expanded Mobile Alerts

Facebook has announced a series of changes to its mobile apps by enabling new notifications to its users based on their current location. User will get general notifications that you’ve been receiving now along with some additional timely information that includes:

  • Friends’ milestones, like birthdays and life events
  • TV reminders, based on Pages you’ve liked
  • Sports scores, based on Pages you’ve liked
  • Upcoming events that you’ve joined

Customize Notifications Tab to get More Alerts

Facebook provides you an opportunity to customize your notifications tab in order to receive more updates and alerts depending on your location. You can make settings and enable cards for items like Events or Birthdays, as well as new widgets like sports scores or tonight’s TV programming. If you’ve enabled Location History in your app, you’ll be able to get more alerts and add additional, optional information that is only for you based on your location. Here are the things on which you receive alerts:

Facebook Notifications Tab - Get Localized Updates

  • Local events around your city or community
  • Weather updates, like current conditions and storm warnings
  • Nearby theaters with the latest Movie Info
  • A list of nearby places to eat, with links to the places’ Facebook Pages and reviews

This new update will not make any kind of changes to your current notification settings. You can even adjust those notifications any time in your Settings. You can also customize the information you see through the notifications on your mobile just by tapping the arrow to the right of each card. You can also Add More Cards at the bottom of the tab. Each card will include its own notifications settings. The new personalization options are being rolled out starting today for Facebook’s Android and iOS apps in the United States.

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