November 29, 2022

How To Boost Sales On Shopify

The world of eCommerce is very lucrative right now that more and more people are wanting to get their hands on it. Don’t get us wrong, not as customers, but as sellers looking to sell products to people and earn money from it. One of the most popular eCommerce platforms where to manage your eCommerce business is Shopify.

But managing your online store is not as easy as A-B-C. There are challenges along the way, such as doing efforts to boost sales on Shopify.

So in this comprehensive and integrative article, we will look at expert-backed tips on boosting your sales on Shopify, from connecting to an email marketing program to an upsell app. Take a look at this best upsell app for Shopify. Now, let’s get to it.

8 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Sales On Shopify

1. Connect To An Email Marketing Software

It’s been said that one of the most cost-effective solutions to boost your sales is via email marketing. Email marketing provides the highest return on investment or ROI among all forms of marketing.

These email marketing platforms are bound to help you easily create professional emails. And if your store is expanding, using an email marketing program with integrated features will also help scale your email marketing strategies.

At the very least, you must have a welcome email. This type of email adds personalization to a customer’s experience with your business. It will welcome them to your family and provide them with helpful links to follow.

Aside from that, you can also choose to use an automatic abandoned cart email to generate more money and maintain your inventory better.

2. Turn Your Attention Toward Customer Retention

Garnering new customers is great, but cultivating customers who are loyal to your brand is more vital. Know this: focusing on customer retention is less costly and easier for you than spending all your efforts looking for new leads.

When you retain consumers, they will keep doing business with you and buy through your shop constantly. A study revealed that increasing your retention by five percent can boost your profits by 75 percent on average.

With those being said, you would reward the loyalty of your customers, exceed their expectations, communicate well, and focus on a near-perfect consumer experience. These ways are known to boost customer retention, so do not be afraid to give these a try.

3. Utilize A Cross-Selling Strategy

It is interesting to note that cross-selling is a business strategy that could almost immediately boost your sales. At its core, this focuses on creating several revenue streams via a single purchase. You might want to offer an extended warranty, suggest an item that works well with the purchased product, or utilize an automated campaign email.

It works since it has the capability to persuade customers to purchase more than they originally planned to do. For instance, you could sell Bluetooth headphones after a customer buys a phone from your store.

Like customer retention, you do not need to focus on looking for many new customers. Rather, you work with the ones you have. This method increases the money customers are willing to spend with you.

4. Take Advantage Of eCommerce SEO

Also, among the best ways to boost your Shopify sales is to attract more people to your store. Since everything here happens through the World Wide Web, this can be very challenging.

But not when you utilize the best eCommerce search engine optimization or SEO or how you rank on search engines like Google. A Shopify website with solid SEO can show up higher on Google. Meaning to say, more people will view your site.

In this particular scenario, more views lead to more sales. SEO targets specific phrases or keywords you know potential customers will look up. For example, you can use the phrase “best mittens for comfort” in your SEO if you want to sell mittens via Shopify.

5. Write The Best And most Engaging Product Descriptions

Product descriptions may be short and concise, but they can make or break a Shopify sale. Since you are operating over the Internet, there is no way for your customers to touch or hold your product, look at it personally, or smell it to find out if they will buy it.

You need to walk your customers through your product via the description. Writing the best and the most engaging product descriptions does the best job of selling your goods.

Your product description is your salesperson. It is like conversing with a potential customer, telling them what it does and why they should buy your product.

6. Use A Coupon And Discount Marketing Strategy

Nobody will ever say no to free stuff. This is the motivating factor behind a coupon marketing strategy. When it comes to your Shopify store, this refers to the “discount code.”

This idea is that the customer can enter a particular code to uncover a discounted rate, a free item, or other promotions. These codes can be shared with your consumers via text, email, or phone call so they can avail of the promo.

Did you know coupons can set you apart from your competitors? You can have similarly priced products, but if yours is advertising a 20 percent discount, it is more desirable. People are okay with spending money if they think they are getting a great deal.

It works very well if the coupon or discount applies to the total purchase price. You may notice your customers buying more of the product because of the 15 percent discount they can receive, for example.

7. Sell On Various Platforms

Remember that though you are selling on Shopify, Shopify is not your sole option. Multi-channel retail helps entrepreneurs sell more products in a wide range of places, increasing their sales.

Similar to other sales ideas, this aims to open up new streams of revenue. You can consider posting your products on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and the like.

Many customers stick to just one platform when searching for a product. If your business is not actively listed on that platform, you lose the sale. This even gets worse if your competitors are using various media.

This strategy also contributes to brand awareness. If people see your name on various platforms, they associate you with being a reputable brand in the market.

8. Constantly Offer An Upsale

Remember the moments when your favorite fast-food chain offers you to supersize your meal? This is their way of pushing for a more pricey option to a customer who already showed interest in the standard option. This is called upselling, and on Shopify, you can use upsell apps to make this process lot more manageable.

Upselling works well. As opposed to cross-selling, this strategy revolves around the product your customers are showing interest in.

Here is how to do this. Rather than offering your customer to buy three packs of your sarong, you can upsell them to 10 packs. The customer is already interested in owning a bundle of scarves, so why not push it further?

However, keep in mind to be wary of your customer’s budget and which products work well when you are upselling. Upselling a laptop when a customer is showing interest in crayons will not work.

Waste No Time, Boost Your Shopify Sales Now

Everybody selling on Shopify wants to build a seven-figure Shopify business, right? And when you want to build your business this way, leveraging just one of the strategies and tips discussed above won’t work. You have to implement as many tips as you can.

For example, it is better to take advantage of SEO, leverage email marketing, and retarget cart abandoners through ads. This could be your ultimate eCommerce marketing strategy. Simultaneously, you could create design, promotion strategies, and more.

The adage “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” also applies to your Shopify store. Do not just use one strategy to convert leads into customers. Rather, use them all.

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