October 27, 2018

How To Change Delivery/ Shipping/ Billing Address In Amazon/ Flipkart

How To Change Delivery/ Shipping/ Billing Address In Amazon/ Flipkart – ALLTECHBUZZ media team doesn’t know whether you’re acquainted with this or not but in 2017 alone, Amazon – Online Shopping, retailer and e-commerce company has sold over 5 Billion (or five lakh crores) items. Now, undoubtedly one can say Amazon.com is really – The Everything Store. Similarly, you may also have ordered something or the other on Amazon or Flipkart online shopping websites.How To Change Delivery/ Shipping/ Billing Address In Amazon/ Flipkart

How To Change Delivery/ Shipping/ Billing Address In Amazon/ Flipkart

And, situations may have arisen where you were intended to find the simplest possible answer for not-so-hard queries like “How To Change Delivery/ Shipping/ Billing Address In Amazon/ Flipkart.” Delivery address changing scenario is required mostly in these two cases.

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Case 1: You still haven’t ordered your item, presently you’re in Cart menu on Amazon/ Flipkart mobile application or website and Amazon is showing your old address as a suggestion to delivery address where you live no more. If stuck in such kind of situation, the answer is probably the simplest, just below the place where you address is available, Amazon and Flipkart has a link to click with anchor text as “Change Delivery Address.” Following this, you can easily enter and save your new office or home address directly in Amazon and Flipkart both.

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And, at last, the Case#2: Supposedly, you’ve pre-booked or ordered the item on Amazon or Flipkart. And, suddenly you didn’t remember and left the delivery address following the reasons such as going out on weekends if elected office as a delivery address then office closed at the weekend, in the market at the moment and “OUT FOR DELIVERY” messaged reached to you etc.

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This case is also not too hard to conquer. What you will have to do is just open the Amazon App or website or Flipkart App and website, thereafter go to “Your Orders” page on the e-commerce portal. Further, you can click on “Track Package button” and thereafter check the delivery address. If you wish to change the delivery address, even a few minutes earlier when a delivery boy reaches out to you, it’s possible.

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Find on your screen where an address is written. Now, make sure to click on the link given below that showing “Deliver to Another Address.” Further, you can enter the address where you want an item to be delivered. Possible cases have it to be left with your neighbour or with your nearby relatives etc.

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As of now, Amazon is providing one of the best E-Commerce online shopping experience in the world. Flipkart is indeed a competition to the Amazon. But, on the other hand, Amazon delivery services are getting better day by day. At present, Amazon has also enabled the ONE-DAY delivery system which will make it KING of e-commerce soon. Flipkart has to have deep thoughts on the amazing progress of Amazon.

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Amazon and Flipkart have now become of the most valuable e-commerce companies on the Planet Earth. These just remains in the headlines for most of the times that is “Why Amazon.com shares fell as much as 10.1% today” and “Amazon is tanking after earnings – experts weigh in” and “This money flow chart shows that Amazon and Netflix are in dangerous territory.”

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And, the latest news related to Amazon like “Stock News Today: Amazon earnings Fuel more tech selling” and “This is why Amazon’s revenue – growth slowdown may actually be a good thing” and “Fitbit needs to decide if Amazon is Friend or Foe” and “Amazon’s competitors are catching up, says former Toys R Us CEO” and “Microsoft on track to pass Amazon in Market Cap after earnings reports” and “Microsoft Overtakes Amazon as second-largest company by market revenue.”

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Same is a kind of case with Flipkart as well. Which is recently acquired by the Wallmart company. Flipkart also remains in the headlines throughout the day such as for “Flipkart, Amazon sale: Best laptops you can buy under Rs 60,000 during festive online sales” and “Here’s how you can buy iPhone SE at just Rs. 1,999 during Flipkart Festive Dhamaka Days sale.”

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And, the latest news related to Flipkart like “Flipkart Festive Dhamaka Days Sale Live: How To Buy Nokia 6.1 Plus for Rs. 999” and “Flipkart Festive Dhamaka Days sale live: How to buy Nokia 5.1 Plus for Rs 749” and “Which Is the best phone to buy during Flipkart, Amazon sales?” and “How to buy the Moto G6 at just Indian National Rupees 2249 during Flipkart Festive Dhamaka days sale” and “How to buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro at Rs. 1299 during Flipkart sale” etc.

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If you’re still having any queries related to How To Change Delivery/ Shipping/ Billing Address In Amazon/ Flipkart, then please ask your question using the comment box below. Our experts will answer soon. Also, don’t forget to go through below provided links of ALLTECHBUZZ Media just below –

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