November 20, 2018

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC – For the purpose of connectivity, Bluetooth is still one of the most used and preferred options irrespective of how great the wireless fidelity or better known as Wifi is. Although both are having different works to do. And, today we will take you through the step by step guide for How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC.How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC

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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC

Gone are those days when people used to spend their hour or so just for folding or disclosing the wires of long-wired earphones, mouse, keyboards, mic, webcam and other things. Now, it’s wireless connectivity era. And, Bluetooth technology holds the same position at present as held by Facebook in the social networking industry.

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There is a number of updates received in the Bluetooth versions these days. Starting from the initial days, updates and their specifications are as follows – Mandatory Bluetooth hardware device and address in Bluetooth v1.0 to v1.08; IEEE standard 802.15.1-2002 in Bluetooth v1.1; Faster connection in Bluetooth v1.2; Enhanced Data Rate in Bluetooth v2.0+EDR; Secure Simple Pairing in Bluetooth v2.1; High speed data transfer in Bluetooth v3.0; Low energy consumption recently used in apple I – phone 4s in Bluetooth v4.0.

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Apart from that, there are a number of devices in which Bluetooth Technology has been recently updated that is – Bluetooth GPS Device, Bluetooth Keyboard, Bluetooth enables Webcam, Bluetooth – equipped printer, In-car Bluetooth headset, Stereo headset and Bluetooth headsets etc. And, today in this in-depth guide, you will learn about how all these above mentioned devices get connected with Bluetooth and also How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Phone/ TV/ Laptop/ PC.

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Before proceeding further and giving you an exact answer, if not, you must be knowing about Pairing in Bluetooth. There is no rocket science behind pairing. The meaning of Pairing in Bluetooth is as simple as connectivity, only the term is different. Initially, both the devices, the sender and the receiver will have to connect with each other. That procedure of connectivity is precisely carried out with the help of pairing.

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In all the four cases, that is – Bluetooth headphones connectivity with Phones, with Television, with Personal Computer/ Desktop or with Laptop, one thing is common. And, that is to first of all switching on the Bluetooth pairing button given on either side of the Headphones. Once, you are done with that button switched on, the next step is to switch on the pairing buttons as well, as in many cases, those buttons are provided differently. If not, the pairing with start automatically.

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Now, in the case of a personal computer or desktop, Here’s how to connect your Bluetooth headphones successfully. For those who are having PCs which they bought years earlier, one thing must be clear that there are full chances you might not be having pre installed or in built Bluetooth tech in your personal computer. In such a case, you can easily purchase a device from a market with a Compact disc in just 5$ or below and have it installed in your computer.

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The mobile phone users can easily connect their Bluetooth headphones with their smartphones and even non smart ones as well. All you need to do is just switch on the button in the Bluetooth headphones devices. Further, make sure to go to Bluetooth setting in your mobile phones and switch it on there as well. Also, make sure that both the devices are publicly visible. Although keeping the default option in mind, public visibility of Bluetooth is enabled. But for some or the other reasons, many times people may switch it off.

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Connecting Bluetooth to Television is not possible in all the cases. You just need to keep in mind is that only Smart Television supports the Bluetooth connectivity. And, the worst part is that there is no such option to install the Bluetooth easily on the Television, if not pre-installed, you will not be able to use Bluetooth headphones with your Television.

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In the 1990s, while working at Ericsson, Dr Jaap Haartsen invented the Bluetooth technology. While the name Bluetooth was officially adopted in 1998.

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