November 15, 2018

How To Switch To Old Gmail? Working Go Back To Old Gmail Tips

How To Switch To Old Gmail? Working Go Back To Old Gmail Tips – Whether you feel comfortable with it OR you are having a speed issue, today on this page of ALLTECHBUZZ, we will provide you with each and every detail (step by step) regarding How To Switch To Old Gmail? Working Go Back To Old Gmail Tips. And, these tips are latest (working great in 2019).How To Switch To Old Gmail?

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How To Switch To Old Gmail? Working Go Back To Old Gmail Tips

To be precise and accurate, Google has completely removed the old design of Gmail. Thus, now it is not possible to go back to older Gmail. Earlier there used to be an option in the settings menu on the above right-hand corner. But as of now, that option has been completely waived off.

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Now, what else can be done? Aren’t there any tips, tricks or working shortcut methods? Obviously, you were not expecting this answer, but this the way to go. To be precise, A BIG NO. All you can do it to get yourself habitual of this newer version of Gmail.

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Now, for the newer version, there are total two viewing patterns released by Big GOOGLE. One is named as Standard view and another one is HTML version that Google generally recommends to use for those visitors having a very slow internet connection. The standard view is by default with Gmail and opens up automatically once you type and enter in Uniform Resource Locator section.

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Though you may be hunting for the older version or earlier version of Gmail. But, here is a tip. Google knows it very well how to satisfy their users. Following this, all the facilities which were there in an older version of Google have already been made available present in the newer version of Gmail. For whatsoever reason your hunt is, a newer version of Google won’t make you unhappy.

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But, if the standard view is by default in newly launched Gmail, then how to switch to HTML version assuming that a visitor is having a slower internet connection. There are methods to switch over from the Settings icon as well. The setting icon which opens up in the upper right corner of your browser’s web page.

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But we have got the easiest one for you. When in the URL section of your web browser, you type – Or, when you search out for Gmail keyword in your default search engine and clicks on the official website’s link. Official website of Google Mail or Gmail is

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At that instance, when Gmail is getting loaded and you have a blue loading line appears on the screen. At that instance, simultaneously, there is also an option of Switch to HTML view in the lower right hand corner of the web page.

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The android blogger with a Social Media, PR, & IT background and Writer for Android Authority – Justin Duino also confirmed the news of not being able to go back to old Gmail. But, he also opened up a new fact regarding GSuite and Gmail on 29th September 2018 in a tweet saying –

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PSA: To everyone asking me why they can’t switch back to the old Gmail design, I’ve tested it and the option is still there for G Suite users but the switch looks to be permanent for regular users. The Oct 16 date switchover date was likely G Suite specific.

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