November 13, 2018

How To Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi/ Samsung/ Vivo

How To Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi/ Samsung/ Vivo – Mobile applications take immense ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory) space of our smart mobile phones. And, there’s not much we can do apart from uninstalling all the useless apps and keeping few mobile cleaning or space clearing applications without knowing at the same time that those mobile cleaning applications are worthy or not? So, here let’s learn more about How To Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi/ Samsung/ Vivo?How To Move Apps To SD Card

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How To Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi/ Samsung/ Vivo

Before learning about How To, let’s have a look at Why to Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi/ Samsung/ Vivo? Obviously, the first reason might be very clear to you that is to have more space and to make your Smartphone run in the best possible manner. The second demand in a row is all about when you’re going to take Backup.

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As, at the moment when someone thinks of rebooting his/ her smartphones, backup is mandatory to have. Otherwise, within seconds all your data be skyrocketed to infinite space where even Elon Musk could not take you to. Hope you remember if you’ve ever rebooted your smartphone that’s what you’re warned about the system. So, this is another scenario in which you might need to shift all your apps to SD Cards along with other photos, videos and music etc.

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So, before finally unveiling in front of you the step by step guide, just to acknowledge you that if you’re holding any queries regarding – How to move apps to SD Card in Nougat? How to move apps to SD Card without Rooting? How to move Apps to SD Card in Samsung J5, Huawei, Samsung J2, Samsung J7, Redmi and another big of list popular smartphones OR why can’t I move apps to SD Card? etc, please make sure to leave the comments in the box given below.

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Moving the mobile Application to the SD Card and back to internal storage is a very simple procedure to follow up. It’s like just two screen touches/ clicks away and you’re done. But, one crucial chunk to remember here is that – NOT ALL ANDROID SMARTPHONES SUPPORTS THIS FEATURE.

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But, in those other cases, we’ve got a very special trick to follow up for you. But, first of all, let us check through the inbuilt process, How To Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi/ Samsung/ Vivo?

Step 1: Go to the “Settings” option on your mobile phone. Yes, we’re talking about Mobile Phone Settings.

Step 2: Over there, scroll down till last and click on “Apps” option.

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Step 3: After getting the list of all the Apps of your smartphone on your screen, make sure to chose that mobile App which you want to move to SD Card (Secure Digital Card) or MicroSD Card. Because you cannot multi-select the Mobile Apps in this option, selection and movement have to be done one by one for all the applications you want to move.

Step 4: After choosing that application, hit the “Change” button available in the middle right of the screen.

Step 5: And finally now either you can change it from Internal Storage to Transcend SD Card or vice versa. Extremely simple it is, isn’t it?

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Now, it’s time for – What If Your Android Smartphone Is Not Supporting This In-Built Awesome Feature of Moving Apps to the SD Card? Here we have a solution for you. Android Marshmallow after getting launched on October 5, 2015, brought a very good feature through which user can format the MicroSD Card and make it work like an added internal storage. In one word term, this superb feature is well known in the Smartphone Industry as – Adoptable or Flex Storage.

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Thus, here, what you’re doing exactly is Using SD Card as internal storage. But, here is a catch as well. While going with this option, if you try to put the SD Card of MicroSD Card which is below Class 10 of Performance, you may lose out in the race, as it won’t give a much better performance in comparison to a higher version. Thus, all you need to do is to just prefer to go with Class 10 or UHS 1 and Preferably UHS 3.

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In this case, steps as follows – Navigate to Settings on your Phone, Tap Storage, Select your SD Card, Tap the overflow menu button in the upper right corner, Select storage settings, Tap format as internal.

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If you are having any comment regarding How To Move Apps To SD Card In Redmi/ Samsung/ Vivo, please make sure to let us know below using the comment box. Also, don’t forget to go through other interesting reads of SD Card (Secure Digital Card) using the links provided below –

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