October 3, 2018

Check PNR Status Of Train/ Flight/ Bus On www.irctc.co.in (Railway), Indigo

PNR refers to Passenger Name Record. PNR status was either found at a station inquiry counter or the phone. But now, you can check your railway PNR status online on the official site of the Indian Railways. It is a unique customer identification number printed at the left-hand corner of your ticket and the number is a 10 digit one. You can relate your berth inquiries with the help of the PNR number. The PNR Status tool checks the PNR number for any Train in India to confirm your railway reservation PNR status.

Check PNR Status Of Train/ Flight/ Bus On www.irctc.co.in (Railway), Indigo

Gone are those days when you used to feel the need for a “Step By Step Guide To Check Online Train Ticket Status or PNR Status.” In this advanced tech era, just remember that one you search for the PNR Status keyword in Google, it will show you directly the official website of Indian Railways that is www.indianrailways.gov.in and will redirect you to PNR Status checking page automatically. Here is the exact link of the same – ww.indianrail.gov.in/enquiry/PNR/PnrEnquiry.html?locale=en. Just below this statement “Enter the PNR for your booking below to get the current status. You will find it on the top left corner of the ticket,” enter your PNR number and press the Submit button.

check pnr status online

The official Indian Railways website is extremely comprehensive and answers all your travel-related queries. While on one hand, it provides you with information such as the availability of trains, seats, routes that a certain train would follow, fares, etc. It also gives you special package offers that include both budget and luxury options to suit your pocket. Additionally, you can even take care of your cancellations right here from the comfort of your homes.

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Checking Railway Ticket Booking Status:

The main problem that people face while booking tickets for train journeys is confirmation. Often, the ticket is not confirmed or stuck on the waiting list. There is no point waiting at the railway station, and then, realizing that there is no seat for you and the train is over-booked. The immediate thought is not whether we will get out money back, but of how we could save time if we would have known about it beforehand. In order to avoid such inconveniences, the PNR status check should be done. This facility has been initiated by the Indian Railways, where people can check the status of their tickets via the internet and avoid any harassment later.

This status check will give information relating to the following:

  • Whether the ticket has been confirmed
  • Whether it has been placed in the RAC category
  • The number of berth/seat
  • Whether it is lying in the waiting list of the railway server
  • Your reservation group

Information needed for generating PNR

In order to complete the booking of tickets and generate the PNR, the following information is required by the CRS (Computer Reservation System).

  • Name of the passenger or passengers traveling together in a group.
  • Contact details for the travel agent or airline office (It is usually the 8-digit IATA code of the travel agency or airline office)
  • Ticketing details
  • Itinerary of at least one portion of travel
  • Name of the person who provides the travel information

In more recent times, many governments now require the airline to provide further information included assisting investigators tracing criminals or terrorists. These include:

  • Passengers’ gender
  • Redress number, (if previously given to the passenger by the US authorities).
  • Passport details – nationality, number, and date of expiry
  • Date and place of birth
  • All available payment/billing information.

Railways PNR Status:

A railway PNR number is the 10 digits unique number printed on the left-hand side of the top of railways tickets. It indicates the confirmed or waitlisted status of your ticket along with the coach and seat numbers.

Airline PNR Status:

The airline Passenger Name Record (PNR) is generated by the airlines for the journey booked by a passenger. This PNR number gets stored in the reservation and departure control databases of airlines. The number of fields of information in a PNR system varies from airline to airline and it may extend up to 60 fields and sub-fields. Check PNR status online.

Methods to check Railway PNR status:

  • Check PNR Status Online: As per me, this is probably the most convenient method among all. All you need to do is go to the Indian railway’s website and enter your ten-digit PNR number in the empty box present over the top of the homepage and click on the “Get PNR Status” button. In doing so, within a few moments, your current reservation status will appear on your computer screen

PNR - Indian Railway Passenger reservation Enquiry

  • Get IRCTC – PNR Status through SMS: Type PNR <space> your ten-digit pin no. And send it to 139, 54959, 5676747, 57886, etc
    For Example PNR 0123456789 and send it to above-given numbers.
  • To know your flight status: SMS Jet<space>flight number to 56388, for example, send Jet 102 to 56388. You may also call us at 3989 3333* or toll-free at 1800 22 3020.
  • PNR Enquiry using a Phone Call: To inquire about your current reservation simply dial 139 from your fixed phone or smartphone and follow the instruction given by the IVR system. When asked for PNR no. provide it and you will get to know your status

PNR inquiry through Mobile Apps:

A smart option offered by Google to keep the status on PNR:

You need to send the 10 digit PNR number to 9773300000 and just in a matter of seconds, you get a status update on PNR. In case you have a discounted phone pack, you will be charged normal SMS rates per inquiry.

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