January 29, 2018

Malaysian Man Electrocuted While Charging Mobile Phone

So far we have heard of various incidents involving mobile phone explosions leading to death, injuries and even few alarming cases of galaxy J7 phone emitting smoke on a flight or iPhone 8 screen crack open while charging.


On this January 23, Tuesday, another unfortunate incident was reported in the Malaysia state of Malacca when a man was found dead in his friend’s apartment which is believed to be due to electrocution while charging his mobile phone.

The police identified the man as Rosli Othman, 35 who was apparently staying at his friend’s house in the town of Jasin. Rosli was found dead next to his mobile phone, charger and an extension cord, by his friend who immediately informed the police about the incident. However, the details of the phone model and the charger he was using weren’t revealed yet.

“The deceased, who was a laborer, was found by his friend at around 11.30pm in an unconscious state alongside his mobile phone, charger and an extension cord,” Jasin Police Chief DSP Arshad told Bernama, the country’s local news agency.

Currently, the cause of demise is believed to be due to electrocution as the police revealed they did not find any injuries on the victim’s body and also there are no signs of natural death.

The deceased’s body was sent to Jasin Hospital, Melaka for a post-mortem.

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