July 22, 2015

How to Monitor the CPU Temperature on Android Mobiles

One of the fundamental requirements of a well functioning PC is that it is cooled properly at all times. Today’s high- end systems include fast multi-core processors and often multiple graphics cards – components that offer great performance, but also generate a lot of heat. Monitoring laptop temperature is important to avoid permanent problems with a computer. Most users don’t give this any thought until their laptop is no longer functioning properly. It begins randomly rebooting, or performing sluggishly. Checking the temperature is the first thing to do if the computer suddenly begins having performance problems.

While we can feel our phones getting overheated, we can’t be certain what their temperature is. This is where we will need to take help from an android app to find out our phone’s exact temperature. There are more than a dozen apps on the google play store that can help you with monitoring out the temperature of your Android phone’s CPU. Among all those apps CPU Temperature is the best.

How to Monitor the CPU Temperature on Android Mobiles

CPU Temperature application allows you to monitor the temperature of your android phone with a draggable temperature overlay. This feature makes this app very useful as you don’t have to open the app every time you need to view your phone’s CPU temperature. Instead you can just drag the CPU temperature overlay anywhere on the screen and monitor your phone’s live CPU temperature. Here’s how you can use it to monitor the live temperature of your Android phone’s CPU.

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How to Monitor Android Mobiles CPU Temperature?

  • First of all goto Google playstore then download and install CPU Temperature application on your Android phone from the download link provided below.

Download CPU Temperature Application From here

  • After installing the app open it and you can view your Android phone’s CPU temperature.


  • Then tap on the Settings tab and enable the CPU Temp Overlay.


  • You can now see a temperature reading on your phone’s screen, drag it to any location and if you want it to become fixed, turn off the Overlay draggable option.

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That’s it, you can now see your Android phone’s live CPU temperature regardless of what app you’re using. Hope this tutorial will definitely help you to monitor the live temperature of Android phone’s CPU. If you have any doubts comment below.

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