April 6, 2021

How To Install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

For the most part, using a Fire TV is easy as can be. However, some apps require you to use a mouse cursor or a touch device in order for you to point and click at options more conveniently. In this case, installing Mouse Toggle for Fire TV is the solution. What exactly is this app and what does it do? Essentially, this app transforms your remote into something that works like a mouse. If you have it installed, you will be able to use a virtual cursor on your TV screen.

It’s worth noting that you don’t actually have to use a physical computer mouse; all you need is your navigation keys to control the virtual mouse.

How To Install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

On your Fire TV’s home screen, press up on your remote until you highlight the menu. Keep pressing right and then click Settings.

Select the My Fire TV option found in the Settings.

Choose Developer Options found underneath the About tab.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Turning this ON ensures that you’re able to download and install third-party apps if they’re not available on the official Appstore.

Tap Turn On to make sure the option was enabled successfully.

Return to the home screen and hover on the Search icon. Using the on-screen keyboard, type in “Downloader.”

A list of apps will appear once you type in the search bar. The first one should be the Downloader app you’re looking for. Select the app to open up the download page.

Once you’re on this page, tap on the Download button.

Wait a couple of minutes while the app finishes downloading.

Once done, go ahead and Open the app.

Since this is, assumedly, your first time using Downloader, click Allow when this prompt appears.

Simply tap OK to dismiss this.

On the Downloader’s home page, tap on the search field where you have to type in a URL.

Type firesticklab.com/mouse.apk on the designated field.

Once you hit Go, this will prompt the downloading process. Wait a few minutes.

Hit Install.

Click Done.

You’ll be sent back to the Downloader app where you’ll see this prompt. Tap Delete. You won’t be needing the file anymore and deleting it can really help free up some storage space.

Select Delete again.

Now, you’ve successfully installed the mouse toggle. The next step is to actually set it up so that you can use it. Return to the Settings page and go back to My Fire TV.

Head back to the Developer Options option.

This time around, turn ON ADB debugging by simply pressing the select button on your remote.

Since you’ve enabled ABD debugging, there are only a couple steps left before you can start using Mouse Toggle for Fire TV. Return to the home page and press and hold the home button on your remote. This will prompt a shortcut to appear.

Select Apps.

You’ll be directed to your apps library. Scroll through your apps and find the app you just downloaded at the bottom of the list. Go ahead and open it.

Turn ON the Enable the mouse service toggle. Enabling the option may take a few minutes, so just wait a little bit.

Once you’ve enabled the toggle, the status at the bottom should change to Started.

On your remote, press the Play/Pause button twice.

When you use the navigation keys on your remote, you’ll notice a round circle on your screen. Congrats! This means you’ve successfully installed and set up Mouse Toggle for your device. You can hover on any option on your screen with this turned on, as some users find it to be easier. When you have to select anything, simply tap on the Select button.


If you want to use touch-based apps on your Fire TV or if you want to use web browsers easily, then you may want to try using this Mouse Toggle technique. Many users find that it can make a task that much simpler, since you won’t need to press on keys anymore.

If you carefully do all the steps above, you should have no issues installing it. You can refer to this step-by-step guide at anytime.

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