March 2, 2015

Is OnePlus One Trolling Samsung Galaxy S6 & HTC One M9?

MWC 2015 has got two flagships into market this time. Probably 3 flagships, 2 from Samsung viz., Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and other from HTC mobile i.e., HTC One M9. These two are the most anticipated and expected flagships of year 2015. Many rumors and leaks of both the giant smartphones whirled all around the web, but the original one didn’t meet the expectations as expected. Many fans of HTC are disappointed with its specs and showing their disinterest to buy this in social media channels. While Samsung fans are a bit satisfied as its design and other specs are comparatively well than HTC One M9.


Driving into matter, the flagship killer of the year 2014, OnePlus One commented on HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 in their Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) which has got a huge fan following craze of overall 2 Million fans. This is something which went viral in many other social networking channels commenting that they insulted HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

And many fans claim it as abuse for not many updates on their new flagship phone HTC One M9. Indirectly, the tweet even meant that there are not big changes on the HTC One M9 but there will be much changes on the upcoming beast OnePlus Two which is going to be released soon. Some people say that OnePlus is supporting the HTC Brand and so does gave a “High Five” and all the negative comments are just to make rivalry between them.

Also some Samsung fans say that OnePlus team is abusing their brand new Galaxy S6 by changing “The Six Appeal” as “This is SEX Appeal“.


Fans became aggressive after seeing this as the design and picture looks alike of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 poster. Meanwhile, OnePlus became famous on this release of MWC even though it didn’t release anything in it.

Its upto fans out there how they take it but these kind of tweets and updates do literally mean a lot for the fans and the brand.

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  1. well I feel one plus one is good but not the best.
    I also feel that Samsung will surely come up with some new solutions.
    This Korean company has got a lot to offer us although these trolling
    thing will have some effect on the marketing point of view.
    Nice and balance post.
    Me personally love screen shots so nice screen shot …

    1. I don’t agree with you one plus was , is and will be the best Samsung s6 will be rated high I bet you

  2. Oneplus One is simply perfect from build quality to pricing. Still this day it is one of the best phones in the market. Battery life alone makes it one level above all competitors and boy that sense of humour.. 😀

    Keep it up Oneplus!

  3. Oneplus One is basically impeccable from fabricate quality to estimating. Still this day it is one of the best telephones in the business. Battery life alone makes it one level most importantly contenders and kid that comical inclination

    Knockinn | Latest technology gadgets

  4. One should really have to admit that one plus one really a best phone of this year. the main thing is that even a lower budget can also afford this phone. in the budget of one plus one you cant get any phone with that kind of marvelous functionality.

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