August 31, 2018

Best Online Data Entry Jobs Websites That Actually Pay Money

Earning sitting in the comfort of homes have never been so easy, as it is today. The internet has many offers for individuals who are looking for some part-time earning opportunities or just want to increase their existing net income. Online data entry jobs are basically jobs which involve entering information in electronic format from existing or newer data sources.

This job is not as technical as it sounds and thus offers a great opportunity for those with limited technical knowledge and education.

What are online data entry jobs?

Before taking a look into how these online jobs can be located and what is the pay which they offer, it is essential to understand the sphere of work one has to do with them. Data entry jobs can be of various kinds. One can choose what suits his interest and qualification.

  • Basic Data Entry Job– As it sounds this is the simplest of the data entry jobs offered online. This job requires the employee to convert information which he receives in a PDF format into a Word file. Completion of the job within the necessary time makes one eligible for the pay-out.
  • Filling Forms Online– Another crowd-favourite part-time work from home job which is popular these days is the form filling task. Many consumer goods companies conduct surveys regarding their product. These surveys provide valuable data which they use for their future policymaking. In this data entry job, the employee has to fill out the form using this data. Thus organizing the data for the company.
  • Copy and Paste jobs– These are easy tasks which require a person to just copy the data from one file and paste it into another file.
  • Editing Jobs– People with a stronghold in English would find this a good option. Here one needs to check the provided file for any grammatical error and correct them to get paid.
  • Formatting jobs– Properly aligning data, putting information under right heads and subheads and creating readable texts through bullet and number markings can also help you in increasing your earnings.
  • Data Identification– This is a research-oriented job where a person is required to conduct a survey or a research and collect the required information demanded by the employer. This search can be undertaken online or offline according to the employer’s requirements.

These are some of the basic forms of online jobs without investment. These jobs can provide one with a good supplementary source of income. A good typing speed and basic computing knowledge are the fundamental requirements for undertaking any of these jobs and earning well from them.

Why get online data entry jobs?

Why get online data entry jobs

Why are people choosing data entry jobs? This question is not very hard to answer.

  • Permanent jobs often do not pay enough to meet the pressure of rising prices.
  • Many people who are not that qualified or educated also want good jobs and data entry work seems like an easy way to do so.
  • The basic requirements for undertaking these jobs is very low. No special expertise or technical knowledge is required. Practically anyone can take up these jobs.
  • One can undertake these jobs from the comfort of their homes. This advantage helps the housewives and other people who have an issue in regards to travelling for work.
  • The flexibility of work time helps people juggle two jobs with ease and makes working easier and more convenient.
  • These jobs do not require much infrastructure. A laptop or desktop and an internet connection can get you started.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? But the picture is not all that rosy. With a number of frauds prevalent in the online market data entry jobs if not undertaken after proper scrutiny can lead to loss of time, money and effort.

Best and Genuine Online Data Entry Job Websites that actually pay REAL money

It is easier and more fruitful for companies to outsource their less technical work to freelancers rather than hiring permanent staff for the same. The rise in this practice and the demand for online jobs have flooded the internet with a number of websites offering easy money earning opportunities with data entry jobs.

These websites are basically a place where the buyers meet the sellers. Once work is completed according to set norms, payments are made as decided in advance.

Best genuine online data entry job websites

One of the most important things to understand here is that all the websites present online are not safe. Many are just scams hurting innocent people financially and emotionally. A careful check online and on other reputed sources is thus required before one jumps up to take forward a data entry job assignment with a website.

Some websites which have proved their authenticity in online data entry job field are

Find online data entry jobs on

This website has made many peoples dream of being independent come true. The working of this website is quite simple, one just has to log in and then type the kind of job one is looking for and the location. The search identifies verified jobs which one can take without the fear of being scammed.

Solve captchas on 2Captcha for cash

Every time one forgets a password or wants to log in to a secured website a random image alphabet comes and one has to solve it. This website actually pays to solve these captchas. The pay is not too much, but one gets paid for sure.

Bid on online data entry jobs

This site again offers data entry jobs from across the globe. The first thing one needs to do is to create an account here and then start bidding for the jobs offered. Completion of work within the set time can help one in earning good amount of money.

Make money online on Rapid Workers

This website is a micro jobs website and the registration here is also free like most of the websites providing online jobs. The process of signing up with them and starting work is very simple. The payments for the work completed are done with the help of PayPal.

Find data entry jobs on

As the name suggests this freelance work website provides a number of jobs in the field of data entry. The freelancers need to set out proposals for the task they are interested in and the job providers decide which freelancer fits his job specifications.

Freelance on Guru

This is another reputed site for data entry jobs. A large number of data entry jobs are posted on this site every day. People interested in taking up an assignment need to first log in with the site and then bid on the project of choice. The recruiter takes the final call in deciding who will be given the project. The payments flow smoothly once the work is approved.

Find jobs on The Smart Crowd

Another interesting site to search and sign up for is the smart crowd. This site sees a number of buyers and sellers for data jobs meeting every day. This site offers both online and offline data entry opportunities. Follow the instructions once you sign up with the site and the rest follows swiftly.

Find data entry, research and surveys jobs on Clickworkers

This site offers a variety of data research, transcription, surveys and proofreading work. The process involves logging up with the site and creating a profile as directed and then one can choose to bid on the projects listed by the employer. On this site, the amount of work assigned increases as your efficiency score rises.

Find freelance data entry jobs on

If you have ever tried to search the internet for online data entry jobs, Upwork is one site which is the most common result of the search. This site is a vast platform for freelancers looking for data entry jobs. The site has a free registration after which one can start the bidding process and connect with the desired employers for work.

What do you need to get paid for online data entry jobs?

Any job is taken up with the sole motto of getting paid. It is thus very vital to understand how these data entry jobs actually pay and how the payment is carried out in case of international clients and jobs.

How to get paid for online data entry jobs

These jobs can pay on varying scales depending on your typing speed, experience, accuracy and the qualification required for the particular job. Some jobs pay as much as $6 per piece and others might pay as high as $ 20 per hour. So the amount one can make from these online data entry jobs can be really high. But utmost care should be undertaken in choosing the website for which one intends to work or else one can lose all his/her hard earned money.

Payments are generally made on the per word basis, on an assignment basis, per hourly or a weekly basis. It all depends on the type of work and how the work provider wants to carry out the payments

The employers and employees involved in the online data entry job might be from the same countries or different countries. A number of safe and quick payment modes are in use to facilitate the payments once the task is completed.

  • Internet banking is quite common as far as national payments are concerned. A NEFT can help in the quick and safe transfer of funds from one bank to another.
  • Paytm is another popular mode of making payments these days. A form of mobile payment this application helps in transfer of payments easily. One needs to create a Paytm account for using this service.
  • PayPal is a popular mode as far as international client’s payments are concerned. The employee needs to create a PayPal account with a minimum amount as low as a rupee and then give his PayPal account number to the recruiter for the transfer of funds in international currency.
  • Bank Transfers are the most popular modes of making payments globally. As almost everyone has a bank account and there are global tie-ups of national banks, a wire transfer can be easily carried on from anywhere.

These digital payment methods have made international and national payments for online jobs not only more convenient, easy and fast but also very secure.

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How to recognize online data entry job scams?

Expansion of digital workplace has brought with it a rapid growth in digital frauds. In online data entry jobs, there is no face to face interaction between the employer and the employee. It is not possible for one to see the real status of the enterprise. This limitation makes these jobs highly prone to frauds and cheatings. Individuals are carried away by high pay packages and attractive online presence and are ultimately not paid for the work done.

How to be aware of online data entry job scams

It is thus very vital to be vigilant and careful when choosing whom to work with and where to work. These are certain very small parameters which if checked can help one in differentiating between a genuine opportunity and a fraud.

  • If the job is paying exceptionally high rates as compared to the standard industry rates, it should be a matter of concern. Such offers are generally not safe.
  • If the website for which you are planning to work is not clear about the payment schedule and the payment patterns, stay away. This might be a big fraud.
  • Almost all websites which are authentic, offer signups for free and there is no additional money asked for training or other purposes. The recruiters who ask for money before you can actually start working is a sign of some hidden deception.
  • The sites of bigger and truthful companies are high in quality, whereas a poor logo and images show that some duplicity is involved.
  • The websites which are fake will never give out true contact details. Whenever logging up with a website try to contact them on the number and link provided, this will help in knowing about their actual presence.

Part-time jobs from home are very attractive and can be a great way to expand your income base. They have created new areas of work for all those who thought that lack of formal education is a hindrance in their growth. But a careful check of the client’s past records and the authenticity of the work providing websites is very important in this era of digital scams so that our hard work does not go waste.

I hope this article helped you find online data entry jobs to make easy money right from your home.

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