January 7, 2021

pcTattletale Review: A Unique App For Windows Monitoring

There are a zillion of apps that assist you in monitoring the Android and iOS smartphones of a user. But there are very limited apps that offer the monitoring of Windows PC and laptops.

And even if you find a good app for monitoring your loved ones, they might not work as you want them to.

But we have something for you that will not only impress you with its features, but its accuracy and speed will also blow your mind.

The app comes by the name pcTattletale. It’s a unique tracking app with a way of working that you won’t find in any other app.

So let’s see how this app works, its strong and weak points, pricing, and everything that you need to know.

pcTattletale Review

Purchasing The App

For using the pcTattletale service, you first need to purchase the service of the app. Once you do that, we’ll see how to set up the app on the target PC.

1. Reach the official website of pcTattletale and scroll down where you see the pricing plans for the app. Now select a plan according to your need and click on the Buy Now button.

pricing of pctattletale

2. On the next page, you need to create your pcTattletale account by entering your email id and password and then tapping on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT.

create pctattletale account

3. Finally, enter other details like your name, card number, CVV, and so on, and click on BUY NOW to purchase the services of pcTattletale.

card details

4. You have successfully created your pcTattleTale account and now it’s time to click on Add A Device option.

add a device

5. Select the Windows Computer option by clicking on NEXT.

select windows pc

6. Finally, you will receive the unique downloading link using which you will download the pcTattletale app on the target Windows PC.

Now that you have your pcTattletale download link handy, it’s time to set up the app on the target Windows PC.

App Setup

For installing the pcTattletale app on the target Windows PC, you need physical access to that device. Once you have their device handy, just follow these simple steps.

1. Open any browser on your teen’s PC and enter the downloading link that you received on your PC.

2. This will either download the pcTattletale app on the target PC automatically or you need to click on the Download button.

3. Enter the email and password that you used to create your account on the app and click on Log In.

signup on kid phone

4. Next you have to agree to the license agreement and then tap on Next.

accepting agreement

5. With this, the installation of the app on the target PC/laptop is complete and it is all set to get monitored.

installation wizard complete

6. Now go back to your device and click on the Sign In option, enter the details of your account, click on SIGN IN and start monitoring.

sign in

Monitoring Keystrokes With pcTattletale

keylogger feature

For those who don’t know what this feature is used for, let me tell you that, keystroke feature lets you monitor all the keystrokes that your teen or your lover makes on their device.

Monitoring the keystrokes with pcTattletale is very easy. By clicking on the keyboard icon that you see on the top, you will reveal all the keystrokes from the target PC.

Be it the searches made on the internet, or inside the apps that are there on the computer, pcTattletale will deliver each and every keystroke on its online portal.

Once you have the list of keystrokes handy, you are always aware of what your child usually does on their computer.

The keystroke tracking of pcTattletale is amazing, but this is not all. In addition to keylogger, the app has other amazing features under its sleeves to safeguard your loved ones.

Other Features Of pcTattletale

The other features of pcTattletale include live streaming of video that what’s going on the target person’s computer.

This feature can come in handy when you feel that your child is accessing some adult stuff on their laptop. You can actually see what video they are watching, what they are accessing on the internet, or which apps they use. And all this can be done while you are sitting somewhere far.

So the target person won’t even realize that they are being tracked.

Addiction to PC, laptops, and smartphones can be a big issue. But your kid will simply deny the fact that they use their devices more than necessary.

But if you can simply track their PC usage, this will solve the problem.

After installing the pcTattletale, the app keeps a track of the clicks that the user makes every hour. Based on the number of clicks you can guess if your son/daughter is addicted to their device or not.

If the number of clicks are more than necessary, it’s time to take some strict action.

pcTattletale also has a feature to track the location of the target PC. Using the location tracking of pcTattletale, you can always see the current location of the target device with a little pointer.

pctattletale location tracking

Switching to Map and Satellite mode is easy and you choose whichever one helps you track the location easily.

If the target person reaches a shop or some store, you can check how the place looks like with the Pegman feature.

Pricing Of pcTattletale

Now let’s discuss how much pcTattletale will cost you and what plans does the app offers. In total, there are three plans of the app that you can purchase to get the pcTattletale services.

The first one is the FAMILY plan that you can avail for $99 with monitoring of 3 devices. To add an additional device for monitoring, you have to pay an extra $33. You can save the date of the last 7 days with this plan.

The next one is the FAMILY PLUS plan that can be brought for $147 with access to 3 devices. Adding an additional device will charge you $49. And you can save the data for the last 30 days with this plan.

The last one is the BUSINESS plan that you can purchase for $297 with access to 3 devices. To add an additional device you need to pay $99 more. And with this plan, you can save the data of the last 365 days.

FAQs For pcTattletale

Is pcTattletale Legit?

Yes, using pcTattletale is legit as long as the target person knows about the installation of the app.

What Is pcTattletale?

It is a spy app that you can use to monitor the PC/laptop, smartphone, or KindleFire of the target person.

Does pcTattletale monitor iPhone?

No, pcTattletale cannot monitor the iPhone device.

Is pcTattletale Detectable?

No, pcTattletale works in the hidden mode, and the target person won’t find any traces of the app installation.

How Much Does pcTattletale Cost?

pcTattletale has three different plans. The FAMILY plan will cost you $99, the FAMILY PLUS plan will cost $147 and the BUSINESS plan will cost $297.

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