January 28, 2015

6 Problems of Motorola Nexus 6 and How to Fix them

Google managed to make the Nexus 6 one of the most popular smartphones ever. Even though the price tag was more than everyone expected and the screen was bigger than its successor, Nexus fans weren’t stopped by these facts.

The Nexus 6 is the sixth smart phone in the Google-branded Nexus series where the search giant partners with other OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). This time, the company co-developed the Nexus 5 successor with Motorola and released it on November 2014. As such, the new Nexus phone has similarities with the second generation Moto X handset.


We’ve been gathering up reports of Nexus 6 problems and working to fix them out and came out with some solutions. Here’s what we found.

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Problem 1 : Abnormal battery drain

There have been mixed reports about the performance of the 3,220mAh battery in the Nexus 6. Some tests are showing decent results, others are reporting average or worse. The battery sounds big, but you have to remember that it’s powering a large QHD screen.

The first couple of days you will be using the Nexus 6 more than normal, it will be downloading and installing a lot of apps, and the battery will be bedding in

nexus 6 battery drain


  • Go to Settings > Battery to get a detailed look at what is guzzling your power. If you see problem apps, then consider uninstalling them, or
  • Check the settings within the app to turn off or reduce background syncing. You could also go to Settings > Apps, tap on any apps you don’t need notifications from, and uncheck the Show notifications option
  • If you hit the menu at the top right in Settings > Battery you can turn Battery saver on, but it will limit performance and background syncing.

Problem 2 : Slow Charging

The Nexus 6 charges pretty quick thanks to a special feature that the Snapdragon 805 chipset has. However, some users have reported slow charging issues with the phone and even battery drain. This mostly happens when the charging cable is broken or damaged. Try another charger and see if the problem is resolved. If you are experiencing slow charging problems, try not to play 3D games or do intensive games because this will overheat the phone which will lead to batter drain.

nexus 6 charging problem


  • Connect the charger and cable properly.
  • Ensure the power outlet is working properly.
  • Make sure that data cable is working properly by connecting to the pc.

Problem 3 : Random Reboots

This is probably the most annoying issue among all. It is very frustrating because you might be in the middle of something very important on the phone and it suddenly shuts down and all your work gets lost. To fix this, the best thing is to make a factory reset and check if any app is conflicting with the system.

nexus-6-random reboot


  • If you have an AT&T Nexus 6, it could be the software bug we mentioned earlier. Contact AT&T and see what they say.
  • This could be caused by a rogue app. Try holding down the Power button and then tap and hold on Power off when it pops up. Then, choose OK when Reboot to safe mode comes up. If it runs fine, then you can assume a third-party app is to blame for the reboots. You could uninstall and test again one by one until you find the culprit, or you could factory reset and selectively reinstall.
  • If you’re going to factory reset, then backup first and go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

Problem 4 : Dark front Camera Photos

There are numerous about the phone’s front snapper taking noticeably darker images. It is linked with the Face Unlock feature and when the Hangouts app is used. Users report that other applications seem unaffected by this issue.



  • Unfortunately, this glitch can only be resolved permanently by a software update so you better keep an eye out for one by navigating to Settings > About phone > System updates.
  • Since other apps are not affected, you can use Skype as an alternative to Hangouts and other similar third party applications.

Problem 5 : Low earpiece volume

Having a hard time hearing someone at the other end of a call? You’re not alone. Some Nexus 6 users are reporting that the volume of the device’s earpiece is too low when used during calls.


  • This appears to be isolated to the handset’s earpiece so if you activate the speakerphone you should hear the other person perfectly.
  • Another suggestion is to check that dust or dirt is not blocking the earpiece and to make sure that it is properly positioned directly over your ear.
  • Digital Trends mentioned that you can try to switch the speaker on, turn down the volume, then switch back to earpiece mode and turn the volume down and up again.
  • Of course, all of these are temporary workarounds. A permanent should be coming in the form of a software update.

Problem 6 : Frequent cloud printing crashes

For those who use the phone’s cloud printing feature, this issue may annoy them a lot. But even for those who don’t use it, this pop-up still appears pretty often: “Unfortunately Cloud Print has stopped.”



  • If you don’t use the feature at all, then turning it off completely is the way to go. Do it by heading to Settings > Printing > then toggle Cloud Printing off.
  • However, if you have a lot of uses for the device’s wireless printing feature then a possible workaround is to navigate to Settings > Apps and find Cloud Print from the “All” tab > then choose Clear Data.

Even we have some other problems as follows

  • Signal problem
  • High RAM usage
  • Sometimes Camera error

Hope you like this article and If you have experienced these problems, leave a comment below to tell us whether our solutions worked.

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Also this Nexus 6 is very good to buy, we just wrote this to solve the issues which are having in few smart phones. Further, if you’ve experienced other problems, let us know and we’ll try to find a solution

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