January 31, 2019

Top 10 Best Free Android Launchers of 2019

Android OS has been an incredible operating system which has easily customizable user interface allowing users to personalize their device as per their mood and interest. Android powered devices can be easily personalized with various wallpapers, widgets and the whole lots more tools. Apart from this we have the option to change the entire way that our phone looks our home screens and our app drawer. After implementing certain changes, it results your totally different look and feel with new icons, widgets, wallpapers, and even notification drawers. While most of the users don’t prefer to use these launchers and prefer stock Android launchers as they eat up your battery. Let me help you out in figuring out 10 best launcher applications to enhance your smartphones appearance thus no need to get panicked and get any of the listed launcher applications which are safe and secure and doesn’t suck the juice of your Android phone. We have also mentioned the Top 10 Best Smartphones of the year 2019. If you have missed it, check it out.


Top 10 Best Android Launchers

1. Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher is an older application with huge downloads and loyal users as it has the vast options of customizations with thousands of themes, dozens of animated transitions for navigation and launching your apps. The most amusing factor of this application is that it is compatible with Android 2.0 and up.

Go launcher

Google play Download Link:Go Launcher EX

2.Google Now launcher :

The Google Now launcher is the obvious pick for anybody looking for pure, clean Android experience. It comes right from Google, so you can shear away anything the manufacturer has loaded up in one fel swoop. The only significant addition here beyond being super-stock is that the left-most home screen becomes Google Now, so you can launch into searches, view cards populated based on the time of day, your location, and general browsing habits, and execute all sorts of hands-free “OK Google” commands. The only real downside here is that you won’t be able to enjoy the level of customization available on more robust launchers.


Google play Download Link: Google Now Launcher

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3.Nova launcher :

Nova Launcher is the top launcher available for the Android smartphone user which comes out with the best user interface elements from stock Android 4.0+. It’s fast, flexible, and can be customized in a number of ways without bogging down your device. Once your smartphone device gets installed with the Nova launcher it facilitates the users with the best full control over the custom icons and their applications – even those from ADW, Apex launcher etc. Nova Launcher avails a fully scrollable dock which can be used to set up to house multiple pages and multiple home screens and can aid users with in many ways as per their specifications. Users can choose a custom pattern and specify different folder previews and background using Nova launcher. As like many other top leading applications, it has both free and paid applications which can selected as per the users requirement.

Nova Launcher

Google play Download Link: Nova Launcher

4. Buzz launcher

Buzz launcher would change the way of your main home screen with its installation in your smart device and you can’t hold back to glare at your mobile for a long time. It has effective way of customization your smart mobile interface and the best part is that you users can share their home screen online after the creation of new home screen similarly they can browse through other designs too. Doesn’t that sound fascinating? It is something like bringing out an architect within the user. Buzz launcher gives access to the users to tweak icons, wallpapers, home screen options, and more.


Google play Download Link: Buzz Launcher

5. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher justifies its name and has been a top a launcher with eye-catching features and has a best performance when it comes to user interface. Users can have up to nine screens and scrollable docks with up to five pages with the Apex launcher which makes it different on par with other launchers. As like many other launchers it is available in two versions, as a paid version and a free version too. Users can go with the free version while it would be far more efficient of the user wishes to afford a paid version since it unlocks even more options and features which may make extend excitement and comfort of using smart phone.

Apex Launcher

Google play Download Link: Apex launcher

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6. Smart Launcher

Smart launchers though facilitates minimal home screen with a circle of menu slots where you put you most used applications such as the dialer, contacts, gallery, mail, text messaging, etc. Sorting of all apps by categories, such as games, internet, and so on by the app drawer in the smart launcher is an added feature of smart launcher. If any user wishes to have the widgets then they may download the pro version of smart launcher.

Smart Launcher

Google play Download Link: Smart Launcher

7. Holo Launcher HD

Holo Launcher has been peculiarly built for all smartphones which are powered by the Android 4.0+ and ascends with the Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich styled launcher to your Android device. Merits of the Holo launcher are that it is fast and snappy and fully customizable. Thus, Holo Launcher HD lets you enable infinite home screen scrolling. Holo Launcher flawlessly mimics vanilla Android. The app also has a Plus variant that boasts a few extra perks.

Holo Launcher

Google play Download Link: Holo Launcher HD

8. Launcher 8

Have you ever wished to have a windows phone kind of launcher in your Android device? Then you must try out this Launcher 8, which is a replica of Windows user launcher providing users the experience of Windows phone in their Android device. Windows 8 phone layout and user interface has been exclaimed as an exclusive OS of smartphones and touch devices. Launcher8 is a great app for you to experience the brand new style UI on your Android mobile phone.

Launcher 8

Google play Download Link: Launcher 8

9. ADW Launcher

Older versions Android device owners need to try this out new ADW Launcher which is designed to work with older versions of Android – from 1.6 (Donut) up to 4.3 and can offer Holo-like features on even some of the older devices without taxing the resources. Users may get additional added features such as skins, docks, folders, and more – buying the paid ADW Launcher.

ADW Launcher

Google play Download Link: ADW Launcher

10. Action Launcher

Action Launcher ascends with a “hamburger-type” slide-out app drawer provides quick access to your app or widget library and is available in both the versions where users have the option of choosing a free version and paid version while if paid version is opted out they may get additional added features which gets unlocked. It has efficient performance with quick responses and is a kind of easy going without raising any complications. Thus, users can try it out and see if they like it before you put out your hard-earned money for the paid version.

Action Launcher

Google play Download Link: Action Launcher

Hope these launchers help you for a new interface. If you find any innovative and crispy looking launchers for android devices, please comment below.

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