July 6, 2016

Here’s How You Can Remove Saved Passwords from Your Browser Individually

Imagine a situation where you have saved passwords for your social networking sites. But at the same time, your friend or sibling or relative asks your laptop for some days. Then you need to remove the saved password from the Facebook, Gmail, Quora, Instagram etc. for the sake of privacy. At that instant, you go with deleting all the history and all the saved passwords from your browser. By doing this, you may lose most of the useful data. So here is a trick for you to remove individually a saved password from a specific website in the browsers like chrome, firefox, Internet explorer and opera.

#1. Google Chrome

1. Open the chrome Menu by clicking on menu button at the top right of the window

saved pwd1

2. Go to –> settings

saved pwd2

3. Click on “show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.

saved pwd3

4. Click on the “manage passwords link” in the “passwords and forms” section

saved pw4

5. Remove the password from a site that is not required by clicking on “x” icon

saved pwd4

#2. Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Tools menu in the menu bar.

2. Select Options

3. Switch to Security tab

4. Click on Saved logins

5. Select the site and click on the remove button below.

#3. Opera

1. Go to Tools menu.

2. Select Advanced.

3. Click on Password Manager.

4. Delete the specific site for removing saved password from that site.

#4. Internet Explorer

1. Open the specific site

2. Highlight the username

3. Press Delete key to remove password

4. Press enter when confirmation window pop-ups.
So now enjoy removing an individually saved password without disturbing other saved passwords from your browser. Comment below if you have any query in following the above instructions.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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